Dreams for June 2015


I haven’t posted a blog about dreams I’ve had for a while. They’ve been a rare occurrence lately, but I have a few to share now. They may be psychic predictions or warnings for other events, but it’s important to let loose nonetheless.


I had a vision of a very handsome man who may become a mass serial killer. In my dreams, he ravaged a town, but did so with a smile on his face. His demeanor was calm for someone who was about to commit such atrocities. That could mean we’ll see another false flag terrorist attack shooting in the near future, possibly by someone with sex appeal and charisma. Who his targets were and are, I don’t know. Keep an eye out for a face like the one above. It may not be this person, but it’s someone who looks like him for sure.


I had a vision a while ago of some of the attacks on New York City. I couldn’t tell what time of year it was, but the shot pretty much centered on this corner near Rockefeller Center. There were multiple explosions and the anchors in the studio were murdered. Then there was a cloud of smoke that filled the entire street and agents stormed through on horseback. Then, children were fleeing out of broken glass in the studio running for their lives. The most disturbing scene was a young boy carrying his badly wounded friend on his back and the little boy nearly collapsed. An officer came to take the wounded boy to safety, though I had a sense of dread that he would never make it, while the other little boy was left all by himself on the street. It was such a terribly sad moment because this is how some of the violence nationwide will ravage through our communities. Hopefully this will be enough to warn people not to allow corruption to get this pervasive again. That’s the message that this vision should convey.


I had a vision of one of the final battles on the streets of the capitol in Washington DC. There were television anchors, particularly Anderson Cooper, filming a stand off between military police and armed militias. It was one of the scariest visions I’ve ever seen in my life. There were multiple attempts to make the masses back down, but they would not do so. When one of the armed militia men fired off a shot, the battle waged on and much blood was spilled on the street. The militia men seemed to be heading for the capitol building to make citizen’s arrest of the American traitors in the white house and in the halls of congress. This was likely a vision of what is to come, not a metaphor for something else.


Finally, I had a vision of economic trouble. The television anchors were mad because they had no idea why the markets were failing so rapidly. Everything seemed fine to them, so this correction came as a genuine shock. If you read my predictions, you’ll know this was anticipated for months prior to. However, for the elite who have made it their mission to keep the stock market afloat at all costs, the blowback will send a sharp repudiation and rebuke that they do not control any government on Earth and things will be taken from them by absolute force if necessary. It’s not going to play out well for the elite, whether they like it or not.


None of these visions had any dating to them, but I would suggest that the first would occur near July or August, the second would occur in the late summer/early fall, the third in the winter/December and the forth is an October surprise. Hopefully these insights are helpful. I’ll share more if they come to me in my dreams in the near term future.

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  1. Looks like i was right after all the situation has changed regarding Greece they are stating now that a last minute deal is done, looks like things are not going to turn out bad afterall. As for russia i think that will just carry on for years not sure if War will be on the cards.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. Just because a proposal was offered doesn’t mean the IMF is going to accept it. It’s “a start” for the fund and not the final result. The austerity measures are going to get more intense and brinkmanship will come up again by the end of the week. Also notice the rioting in the streets. That rebuke is going to send a message to the negotiators to bail out of the Euro and see exit in its sight.

      Meanwhile, did you ever get a chance to read this?


      Celebrating a “deal” that is actually enslavement is nothing to celebrate.

      1. Hello, thankyou for your feedback. It is just the whole thing is dragging on it has already gone past deadlines. As for the riots that is confusing as there are pro eu greeks and anti eu greeks I take it they clash?. The ecb us saying there is no reason contagion if greece leaves, are theybluffing and Iin deep panic?.
        Also from my feelings the greek pm seems to be going back on his promises slighty.

      2. The ECB, the IMF and Merkel are in deep panic. They know the end of the Euro is the beginning of the end of the New World Order agenda. That’s a very scary prospect for them, especially after spending over 75 years to build this globalized world up only to see it torn down by anarchists and militia forces. I can’t necessarily blame them for being mad, but they brought this upon themselves. As I’ve said before, the Greece “deal” is not a “deal,” it’s a “proposal” and Junker has called it “a start.” That’s all it is; yet another attempt at a back and forth where neither side will draw away from their self imposed red lines.

        In addition to this, watch out for Iran’s failed nuclear deal and Tspiaris’ relationship with Putin. As powerful as the globalized elite are in trying to salvage a deal, there are equally powerful forces waiting to rip this up into shreds. This back and forth may stall even longer than June at this point, but the end result will end up being the same. What pains me is that the longer they wait to default, the more economically devastating it’s going to be for the world. Market corrections are more likely to turn depressive rather than recessive, food shortages are more prominent in the winter and there’s an element of war that makes its way across the continent. That’s why I hope this is resolved quickly and that default is near rather than far. The alternatives are much worse than the lack of prospect of a deal and the default of Greece from the European Union.

      3. Looks like the proposed deal has fallen through, the imf have thrown it back at greece they want more cuts. I take it this iswhere bbrinkmanship comes into play. How greek PM is going ti get anything through his parliament is beyond me.

      4. As I said they would. Alex is not going to get it through the parliament. They may try to have another referendum, but by then, Greece will have defaulted and it will be too late to rejoin the Euro Zone. This will be for the best, by the way, despite it not appearing that way at this time.

      5. This might sound crazy liam, but i bought a handheld radio scanner the other day a kind of hobbie, but on the other side it may come in handy when things get bad in the UK and europe regarding the economic crash what do you think?.

      6. Not really if there’s no radio signal. It’s good for other types of emergencies, but when shit hits the fan, the broadcasts are cut off and are of little use to you then. Still, it’s best to have it for other times.

      7. The greek PM has requested a referendum with hos own people on the bad bailout offer. I take it this does not go down well with the EU also the people of greece?

      8. The EU is on edge about it because they know, as I do, that they won’t make it to an inevitable passage. The masses will shut down the vote and it may not happen at all. This is all a ruse to persuade the Greeks to make due with a majorly disastrous deal, but they aren’t falling for it. As a result, the bailout funds fail to be accepted and Greece defaults.

      9. I have read what you have said before of the consequences of greece default for rest of Europe. But UK is still under tge impression they will not be affected.

      10. It effects the entire continent at this point. If they had kept it isolated earlier, they may have been able to shield the UK. Now it’s too late; especially with a potential Brexit on the way as well.

      11. It looks like the Greek parliament have voted for a referendum, do you still think people will vote against more austerity?, the cash machines in Greece are starting to run dry i heard on the news. I wonder if the EU will make bad decisions in the next few days in a blind panic as i assume the stock market will start to go in the red when markets open on Monday. Your thoughts most welcome as always, also the UK is in a sense of shock of what as happened over the last few days in Tunisia do you see any more of these situations affecting the UK? i hope not.

      12. If you read my dreams blog, you’d already know what I had to say about Greece.

        “Finally, there’s a deal in the works on Greece, but I may have seen a vision of the Greek prime minister biting the bullet to take on the creditor’s demands. This is becoming a dangerous back and forth with a lot of bark, but not a lot of bite. I see the Greeks may not want to default, but by the end of the month, they are forced to do so by Alex’s rivals on both sides of his political spectrum. This leaves a summer of smoke and fire, one of which I saw has a reverberating effect throughout the entire continent. Two visions struck me hardest. One is of the Greek beaches deserted and abandoned. The other is an anarchist fight in the dead of night. Fire and smoke are the only lights in a city that is all but darkened from the electricity that is shut off across the nation. The dawn come after the darkest of night falls, but it’s going to be a painful transition nonetheless. There will be blackouts in other parts of the world, but Greece is the bloodiest of all of these affairs.”

        The referendum isn’t just rejected by the masses due to the austerity measures involved, it is also rejected from coming forth by the main rival parties to Alex on his left and right. They have enough of a coalition to do serious damage to the implementation of a scheduled vote. This is going to go up in flames as mistakes are made and defaults are inevitable.

        Meanwhile, as for Tunisia, this is tough for me. I have a sense of uncertainty. I heard about this yesterday and felt it was drawing me towards it. I knew you might be interested in knowing something, specifically during one of the parts where they said UK citizens were targeted. This seems like maybe it’s going to be rash of targeted attacks in that we haven’t seen the last of it just yet. Do I get a sense of it happening on the mainland, however? Absolutely not. Any serious attacks are citizen/militia led only. ISIS and several terror targets have their own agenda in south east Asia and the middle east to attend to first and maybe America. They will never make it to Europe, but maybe the Russians will. Take a deep breath and calm down. This isn’t the thing to worry about. There’s much more urgent matters to attend to instead.

      13. I’m aware of that. However, they have two oppositional forces that are going to stand in the way of that. The left-right wing blockade and the majority of referendum voters accepting a mandate on a no vote. They are having to accept that, as much as they’d like to stay in the Euro, the alternative is catastrophic and they’ll buckle down on their own sovereignty. That means the Euro leaders are on the way out, whether they like it or not.

      14. I just noticed the latest update here:


        It’s official, capital controls are being imposed in Greece, as the financial crisis takes an even more alarming turn tonight.

        Speaking on live TV, Alexis Tsipras is saying that the Greek central bank has been forced to recommend a bank holiday and the introduction of capital controls.

        He blames the ECB, and other institutions, for trying to obstruct the democratic referendum he has called for next Sunday. This is a “insult” that shames European democracy, he says.

        This looks pretty bad, also seen reports of people on mass this evening lining up at ATM’s. I know you said it is early days yet that the rest of europe feels the effects but this looks like the start. I think markets could be in the red tomorrow.

      15. It will be in the red tomorrow, but I highly doubt the major crash will be happening just yet. Now that Greece has all but defaulted out of the Euro Zone, it’s time to turn your attention to dilemma #2: Hong Kong. Their over inflated bubble is on the burst of a pop and fall. Watch for that next. #3 will be the work strike in the United States. Only when all three are done will the markets will fall into the greatest depression in our lifetime. I’ve warned for years to let the markets fall down during my previous vectors as the devastation would have been far less substantial. Now it’s going to go from recessive to depressive on the market’s way down. This should have been averted a number of years earlier. Now it’s too late to do so.

      16. Just watched the junker speech today to the greek people he practically begged them to vote against their own government. Meanwhile cameron os saying we have everything covered in regards to the greek issue contingency plans in place for UK. The arrogence and confidence could be the undoing.

      17. I wrote about that in a dream, actually. Cameron’s arrogance will become the end of him. Mark my words.

        That’s all I can really say for now. Let’s let events play out as they will.

      18. Their debt is tiny and miniscule that it would have no long term consequences for the international economy. As I’ve said, the main countries to keep your eyes out for are China, the US and now possibly Russia. There’s an element of economic uncertainty there. Why do you think, for example, the Chinese want a Greek bailout deal?


        Because if the Greeks exit, then China’s economy will come crashing down. That’s what I’m referring to when this will have reverberations across the entire world. In an interconnected world economy, everyone rises and falls together; hence, why a “New World Order” is a really bad idea. The Greeks have more common sense than you think. A referendum will end with a no vote and that will be the end of that.

      19. O this may be an omen, was on the news just then thunderstorms are overhead where the yes vote protest is underway. Maybe the gods are trying to tell us something.

      20. That’s a sign for sure, but it may not even matter what the public thinks if the EU refuses to let a referendum go through and issues a moratorium to end this debate. That’s what I’m most concerned about at this time; the stripping of democracy from corporate unelected elites.

      21. another twist this is just getting unbleivable every passing moment:

        Deputy Greek PM: Referendum may not happen

        Greek deputy prime minister Yannis Dragasakis has told state-run TV in the last few minutes that the government may not go ahead with the referendum, reports Helena.

        Dragasakis was expected to make an announcement tonight but not this!

        His statement may well set the ball in motion – but it is not clear how the government will stop its vote.

        As we reported earlier, the speaker of the Athens parliament, Zoe Konstantopoulou, says it is constitutionally impossible to halt the referendum.

        You are right things seem to be getting worse, utter madness.

      22. Well they have defaulted, but i was surprised this morning the markets appear to be in the green so maybe it is not all doom and gloom after all.

      23. Well well, looks like greece PM is going to cancel the referendum and give into creditors demands. I can’t see this going down too well.

      24. The scare tactics are coming out in full force now against the Greek people, a lot saying this and that and that as predicted the markets are not suffering that badly. I just can’t make my mind up but i have a feeling they will vote yes in the end and stay in the euro. Do you still think it will be a no vote?.

      25. I still think it’s going to be a no vote, if a vote comes up at all. There could also be anarchy if a referendum is called off at the last second as well. Either way, it’s not going to get any better.

      26. I know we have said it before greece will exit. But it is looking less likely now, the polls are suggesting the YES vote is just shading it. Also greece finance minister has just confirmed he will resign if it is a YES. To me it is crazy that anyone would vote YES and destroy the next generation to come but it is looking that way. The EU are basically hammering greece into submission and it is working.

      27. Unbelievable greece PM has asked for third bailout 2 year extension. This means more austerity, I think it looks like greece will be saved at the last minute. So muxh for people’s say in the referendum I would not like to be him facing the music when he addresses the nation ouch

      28. The greek crises has come at the worse time for the UK. We have a budget un two weeks for 12 billion cuts of austerity coming.

      29. There’s a reverberation, as I have speculated for years. That which befalls upon Greece shall seen encompass the entirety of the EU. That means Greece’s woes inevitably arrive at your door steps. Keep your eyes open and prepare as best as you can for what is coming. I wish it didn’t have to happen, but the EMF has left us no other choice.

    1. Oh yes. I mentioned a number of months ago to you about Barcelona’s new mayor Ada Colau. She’s a prominent figure to watch for in Spain’s future. Keep an eye out for her, especially in regards to her views on the Euro currency.

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