Updates on Some Predictions


Dare I say that my prescience is coming to fruition as we speak? I have some updates to share with you all on predictions I have made in the past. You’ll want to read this because it will validate my previous insights and give you clues on what to look out for next. As our world is on the verge of collapse, it’s important to keep updated on everything I write about and have written about previously for the site. It’s coming to fruition more than you’d think.


Let’s start with the recent prison riots and break outs happening across the country. I originally wrote about the risk of a major prison riot and break out on the original Know the Next website in 2013. I had a psychic hunch about it, but also understood that base 7 theory would compel me to say that we’d see a repeat in 2014. I had mentioned that prison break outs were more severe in times of economic recession and the most severe ones had occurred during the great depression in the 1930’s. This, combined with some psychic intuition, compelled me to suggest that a Rikers Island prison riot would lead a massive break out in 2014 where three inmates would escape and one would permanently evade capture. Over the last two years since I made the initial prediction, my worst fears have multiplied into a series of tragedies that I could have never anticipated beforehand.


Last year I said this incident would happen at the Rikers security prison in New York City. A riot did break out in August, as I later reported, but it was not the riot that would see a break out scare the majority of New York City residents in a way that they have never been exposed before. What did occur over the corresponding months, however, were other mutations of the original prediction on the original website. Several riots did break out this year, last year and in 2013, from California to Texas and beyond. Some even occurred internationally and led to break outs in Ukraine and Yemen among other nations. A major break out occurred with school shooter TJ Lane in Ohio who was recaptured by authorities soon after. With the more recent break out at an upstate New York security complex last week, a break out closer to the Rikers prison in New York occurred in Dannemora. The two inmates from the Clinton Prison facility, Richard Matt and David Sweat, have somehow managed to avoid recapture from authorities so far. They better watch out. If they don’t get them back into custody soon, they will have foregone their opportunity to do so and never will be able to again. The inmates will assume new identities and they will be virtually unrecognizable to the world once this happens. In addition, when the civil war breaks out in the very near future, there could be a massive pardon ordered by the rebels and prisoners like the escaped inmates could be free to go if they refrain from getting into trouble again. That’s what’s at risk here for the government if it doesn’t get its act together soon. While this is the case, this isn’t the only break out to worry about happening in the near term future.


Despite several more riots that have occurred over the last few months, none of these led to a break out like I said the main one on Rikers would. The main riot and break out combination has yet to be seen. While I said Rikers would riot last year, and they did, it’s likely happening this year with the break out component in place instead. More outrage has been reported over several major scandals at Rikers and several arrests have been made of abusive security guards and other corrupt prison officials. With the recent suicide of Kalief Browder creating mass anger and rage swelling through the prison ranks as we speak, the breaking point seems to be coming to a head. On top of the reports of poisoned inmates and refusal by security officers to provide adequate medical care to inmates, the tipping point of prediction fulfillment is fast approaching. That’s why the FBI has begun to step in, but it may be done with haste in vain. Look out for an August repeat riot at Rikers that spreads out into the second prison breakout for this year in a similar manner to the prison break out at the Clinton facility. That will be another one where a prisoner escapes that authorities will never recapture and bring into custody again.


All of these riots and rebellions in prison across the country speak to the rising approach of the coming civil war/revolution. To try to quell the anger of rebellion, false flag shootings have been popping up more and more in recent days. The shooting of a police department in Dallas was the first, occurring on the June 12th date that I mentioned would be a day of a false flag terror attack. That whole scenario got dispelled recently, so now Charleston’s shooting is the next staged event to try to enforce unjustifiable gun confiscation. Like with the shooting in Dallas, this incident will get dispelled as a false flag as well (and already has to an extent). When that shooting scare tactic fails, the powers that be will try another one….and another one…..and another one more until the masses are fed up with their attempts at deception and actually revolt for good this time. These diversion tactics won’t work any longer because they’ll keep getting exposed for the deception that they’re designed to be. Whether they like it or not, the media is no longer a trusted source of the masses for their news consumption. As a result, their lies are not taken seriously and more attempts to call them out will occur from many sectors of society.


So what exactly are they distracting us from by focusing on planned attacks with MK Ultra patsies? Anonymous has attempted to hack into their systems, as I speculated they would, in order to spread the message of what is really at stake for humanity. The Trans Pacific Partnership, among the many other nefarious trade deals in the works as we speak, passed again yesterday in the House without TAA (the “trade adjustment assistance” program) after seeing humiliating defeat come for the elite on Friday. Big money has had a large influence on the US and foreign governments, but that influence is slipping due to mass income inequality and the decline of the power of the family lines. The senate takes this issue up again next week, but they may fail to pass it. The pressure exerted on them by the masses will soon become deadly and that will scare the elite into holding off on more active legislating of their globalized agenda for the world economy. The death of these types of globalized secret government deals occurs as you see the deaths of more bloodline families come from natural, and unnatural, causes. This debate over the anti worker trade deal goes back and forth for a while until outside events eventually prevent it from becoming the law. It will be the masses that will prevent this agenda from coming forth again in the near future. When war breaks out across the states, and also the world, the advocacy for these types of trade deals dies down in its place. When it isn’t politically expedient to do so, the elite will have failed and the masses will have won once more.


I think I should mention to some skeptics that race is a factor in much of these conflicts, so racist violence is not a conspiracy theory at all. There are two things to stress in relation to this concept that need clarification. The KKK prediction I wrote about is important to read in regards to the rise of white supremacy actions that are taking place. Don’t join their ranks, as I have stressed before. As race wars increase, the rise of racial resentment looms near and the KKK crawls out from the hole in the ground to start up trouble once more. Revolt is more likely than ever, but they’ll do their best to help the elite string the masses back in line into their enslavement once more. That is becoming the case when you see their rise coincidently come as black groups fight for their righteous freedom. There will be more violence at protests in recent days, some of it staged and some of it from a stream of justifiable rage. Government takeovers by the masses are also likely, so it’s important to hear what everyone is saying before deciding whose side you are really on. District Attorney’s houses and government offices are already being picketed, which soon turn to full on occupations like this one right here. When government fails to act in the interests of the people, it is incumbent upon all of us to come together and fight back against our collective oppression. That means uniting as one, not joining interest groups that serve to divide us instead of uniting the human race. Racial identity is an important thing to remember when we discuss our heritage and our collective past, but it should not be served as a means of further dividing a masses that instead needs to come together as one.


One other thing to keep an eye on out for in all of this chaos is the role of the courts. There’s a reason why Kansas’ governor Sam Brownback is attacking them so aggressively. They are the last vestige of independent oversight in a world that is turning increasingly authoritarian and totalitarian. The US Supreme Court is finding a last minute conscious before it’s too late to do so. It doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, but it will help to set the agenda for where our world should go going forward. Gun confiscation will be recommended as a legislative victory for the elite, but the courts will stop that agenda in its tracks. This sees mass gun confiscation come anyway by governments that feel that they are above the rule of law, as they and other special interest groups decide to defy the ruling of the courts because they didn’t go their way. The same thing will come about from the marriage equality ruling by some who claim to fight for liberty, but have discrimination that they need to sort out of themselves for better growth as a whole (Alex Jones….). Eradicating the USA “Freedom Act” will be yet another victory that will come relatively soon as the result of a court ruling. The same foes for justice for some police brutality victims, but not others. Keep an eye out for this ruling on Bush administration’s war crimes as well. It might finally be time to see justice served for the unconstitutional actions of the prior administration. I’ve written about this before and fulfillment may be coming in just a few years time.


Regardless of the impact these victorious rulings have for humanity, it is imperative on us to realize that we need to control our own lives and to not let others control them for us. Government corruption scandals will grow, as I have said they will. The public is finding slowly, but surely, that the feds and their elected officials are illegitimate and the people won’t take their abuse anymore. Around the time Jade Helm’s military exercise marches into town is when the real violence I have long forewarned about truly begins to occur. There will be massive fights over the exercise and the military will overplay its hand in response to this anger on the streets. I commend the police and military for their restraint so far, but those with sinister ulterior motives always slip their true intentions on the world. When they do so in the form of fatally wounding unarmed protestors, the brakes on violence come off and full on war rages on. Keep an eye out for a massacre in the streets by the US government as that day approaches. The world is crumbling to the ground for renewal in a matter of just a couple of days time. When all is said and done, things will be better. However, in order for us to arrive at that day, we will have to suffer first. For our prolonged apathy to the suffering of humanity, punishment is coming that will hopefully send an eternal, biblical message about the Earth we live on in togetherness for all of mankind’s suffering from beyond. Regardless of when this occurs or the dating that these events happen, no one should dispute that my psychic intuition have proven itself to be valid beyond a reasonable doubt.