Hot Potato


I have a number of updates, plus a few predictions, to share soon, but this article of information takes precedent over all others. Do you remember the game hot potato? Where everyone passes around a potato until the timer stops and the person holding the bag loses? Well, that’s the visual I would like to present to you all in regards to an upcoming stock market crash. I know I’ve predicted it since 2012 and I’ve been wrong every time….sort of. The elite have been artificially inflating the market to avoid a collapse, but doing this will only serve as the catalyst for a greater depression that what would have occurred if it was allowed to happen in 2013 or 2014. Economists have suggested that 2013 was the virtual moment where economic progress slipped while stock market rises came forth. This shows an artificial market place acting as a reassurance to a public struggling from the last crash in 2008. It’s not real and recovery has not really happened for the majority of the world. That’s why it’s only a matter of time before reality hits the 1%.


The reason I mention hot potato is because a lot of news stories have been pushed up and repressed back that could have caused the catalyst for a crash in the last two years. Mass occupy protests, police brutality rioting, political brinksmanship and bad trade deals, among many other things, all have served as potential triggers for a real correction in the marketplace. Instead, the elite clamped down on all of these moments of distress and further planted a narrative of “everything is fine” while the reality is shown to be further from that truth by the day. Eventually, like in the game of hot potato, the music will stop and the good lies will roll into inevitable demise. When that happens, the one holding the potato will be the one to blame for everyone else’s problems; even when all of the other triggers prior to it led to this moment in time. As a result, I would like to remind you all not to blame one group of people or person for what is to come. It’s easy to engage in victim blaming and scapegoating when times are tough. When that happens, evil is allowed to flourish and we’ll see genocide roam the Earth as a result as a result of our collective naivety, ignorance and flat out hatred of others. Keep your temper in order for now and remember to blame the powerful and not the powerless for your difficult lot in life. Doing otherwise only further oppresses you. Not engaging in liberation, as some have falsely suggested it to be, is what happens when people forego their rights and allow a status quo to flourish that prevents real freedom from coming to masses on Earth today.


There will be movements to redirect attention to an elite planned agenda in another couple of days. Ignore it. There’s an eye of Horus roaming our Earth as we speak. Squash the bug before the bug squashes you. When the potato burns the hands of the ones who truly cause the collapse, it will result in a worldwide revolution that I have predicted repeatedly in recent days. Hope all are well. Things will get better, but first they will burn. Like a potato fresh out of the oven, waiting until it cools is the best way to enjoy the taste of victory from hard work that pays off as a result of the libertion movements for freedom in our lifetime. đŸ™‚