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In the past, I’ve been criticized repeatedly by some about things that I’ve written about not coming to fruition. While things haven’t always happened when I said they would, most of what I have said has come about in some form (I’ll write about other examples at another time). The dating isn’t always the most accurate, but they do materialize in some way, shape or form. In addition, it is often the case that during the times I said things would happen, the risk grew so substantial that the government and other bodies publicly admitted that the threats were very apparent. Humans have free will to alter their destiny. That’s why a lot of what I wrote was thwarted by the FBI and other interventions by other organizations. Regardless, meddling in this (and other) particular issues only changes the dating of my premonitions and not the validity of my initial insights. The proof is in the inevitable collapse of the worldwide economy and where the risk of it has shifted to next; the US state of Kansas.


As Greece appears to be extending a bailout to further delay the inevitable demise of the EU (though that’s not a guarantee by any means), a prediction I wrote about months ago has once again come up in mainstream discussion. In October of last year, I wrote that Kansas Senator Pat Roberts and Secretary of State Kris Kobach would be facing assassinations in 2015. They didn’t happen in February as I initially said they would, but the risks were there regardless. I mention this because the risk is up again this month with some recent, and very troubling, developments brewing in the state as we speak.


The 2016 Kansas state budget is in a state of crisis that has never been seen in all of its history. The Republican led legislature and its governor, Sam Brownback, don’t want to tax the rich, but couldn’t justify further tax cuts in an economy that is already dangling by a thread. As a result of needing to face reality coupled with political pressure from their wealthy donors, there is already anger brewing over Brownback’s selling out of the American people on their votes versus what they were elected to accomplish. Several prominent conservative authors have already made their disdain heard about what is coming down the pipeline, as have liberals for entirely different reasons. In order to go about doing what is unconstitutional and also further enrages the Tea Party base, Brownback has threatened the last vestige of independent authority in the state by gutting the Kansas Supreme Court of its funding. Keep note that this is not the only country to engage in these types of politics as we speak. This Brownback government is essentially a democratically elected regime turned authoritarian nightmare ala Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Now comes a moment of potential revolt where both the left and the right are out in full force against a tyrant in the making wielding absolute and unlimited power to further his own Koch Brother agenda.


Further adding gasoline to the fire of a state already on the verge of collapse is the recent passage of the largest Kansas state tax increase in its history. Raising sales tax and other taxes on the poor will have consequences that will be felt nationwide. To try to distract from the further impoverishment of the already struggling middle class, racial whistleblowing will increase and attract anger from Black Lives Matter protestors. This sees riots in the state that anger already overburdened and overtaxed white voters on the verge of an uprising as we speak. Voter anger will become more apparent from all sides of the political aisle as the instability spreads to other parts of the midwest and south. Protests and riots from various different groups come forcefully to the steps of the Kansas state capital in late August as things spiral out of control in the region. An unstable situation in the making is leading to likely assassinations and then a coup in states that eventually occurs all across the country as a result.

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The dating of my initial uprising predictions may have been wrong (or temporarily thwarted….depending on how you choose to perceive it), but my initial hunch was not off in the slightest. The risks I write about are still there, it’s just that I was wrong on the timing. We truly have reached a point of no return. The question isn’t if civil war once again grips the United States of America, but when the nation finally falls off the proverbial cliff. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until all of the things I’ve written about occur the way I said they will. Global elitists may try to stall this encompassing disaster, but it is inevitable and can only be averted by fundamental structural changes. Fairness in economics and governments around the world is an absolute must. That means, as I’ve said many times before, the 1% must be taxed of their wealth and investment/governance shall be designed in accordance to the needs and desires of the people. Since the global elite have no intention of changing the ways things are, all they are doing is prolonging the inevitable expiration date of their longed desired reign of all humans on Earth. They can hold this revolution off for a while, but they can’t keep the “peace” together for very much longer. While things don’t always happen on the exact date I say they will, accurate dating isn’t a dismissal of the gist of what I write about being correct in its initially instinctual insights. If the elite don’t change their ways, the people will change them by absolute force if necessary. That is the truth, whether they like it or not. đŸ˜‰

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  1. The last civil war had defined battle lines, north or south and one could choose a side based on geography. I don’t have the gift, but recent event seem to indicate trouble on the horizon. How do you see this next war playing out, where will the lines be drawn, what areas of the US will represent what position?

    1. It’s more complicated and unlike other wars that have been previously fought. You’re right in that previous wars have defined battle lines, but that had a lot to do with money and power fighting amongst each other using humanity as their pawns. This is less of a war than it is a revolution. The lines are defined more loosely because those organizing the battles (Anonymous being the most prominent….and hence why the FBI tracks them so much) aren’t themselves on the same page about every issue. The point is structurally there are significant problems and no one knows exactly who to blame for it. That’s why the war part is harder to determine because it remains to be seen who sets it up and who takes over and who gets to make the policies from here on out.

      The main thing is that the 1%, mainly those who are inheritors or stole their wealth, get targeted by the masses and are forced to fork it over. I also know that what replaces the system we live in is smaller governance and people having more democratic control over their own affairs. The systems we live in now are designed to relegate as little power to the people as possible. That will change as education becomes more prominent, enlightenment comes about on numerous issues and humanity makes better choices for itself. Certain countries and continents are more ready to shed their governments than others (North America is more readily able to than Europe, for example), but this is the inevitable trend for the future in all of the world. It’s not a matter of if, but when it occurs that counts. Hope this helps.

  2. Do you see a leader stepping up for the masses, one that will unite all or most of the people being stepped on by the elite?

    1. No….at least, I hope not. We as a society need to get over the idea of needing “leaders” for everything. I know it’s in our genetic DNA to have the sheep, shepherds and wolves, but we, as a well known fact, are able to evolve away from that line of thinking. We need to be able to be self sufficient and to rely on others as little as possible. That is the ultimate moment of humanity and how we will be able to make it into the next millennium. My fear is that the one unifying leader could very well be the anti-christ, the beast of revelation. Let’s not succumb to that tragic fate, shall we? Evolve away from that line of thinking and such an evil can never flourish on our Earth.

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