2016: The Brilliant Future If We Stay the Course…and the Consequences If We Don’t

As you all realize by now, 2015 has already been a hell of a year. Unfortunately, we haven’t even seen the worst of it yet. The elite keep prolonging this stock market bubble which will be even more devastating the longer they let it inflate like this. After it finally occurs, anarchy and revolution begins. In some areas of the world, it will be a quick and relatively painless transition. For others, a longer lasting conflict will plunge regions into darkness and plague continents with bad karma for centuries to come. 2016 will be better year for most of humanity, even in parts of the world that fall into despair. This is the motivation of this piece. Letting you all know what is to come, why it must come and what happens if, like some of my commenters, we let the elite get what they want at the cost of human freedom and liberty for our lifetimes.

Peace and prosperity come in the aftermath of war for much of the world (with the exception of Europe….I’ve mentioned this before). There is a movement of revolution in the air and with it, a new way of governance that gives power back to the people in a way they’ve never had it before. Self rule has been frowned down upon by the powers that be because of the issue of mob rule and the persecution of minorities coming in the aftermath of totalitarian rule. This is why issues of race, gender, sexual orientation and religion must be addressed. If we are to free ourselves and sustain peace in our lifetime, we must learn to embrace difference, but also criticize personal choice and behavior. Non violent solutions to problems means being willing to speak truth to power and remembering that all of us are created equal. Inequality must be expunged to gross extents. Merit based economic systems are fine, but they must not get so excessive that it creates the world we are living in today. To do anything else is to succumb to the traps that wealthy people have fallen for on their way down from their thrones.This simply means that most of the world will embrace communism in some form. Some may find this to be a scary word, but it does not mean what many have been fooled into thinking it means.

In the aftermath of war, new countries and cities are formed from the ashes of debris and rubble. The survivors of war come together and vow not to make these same mistakes again. They embrace what worked in the past and create systems that require more self reliance and less dependency on others. This governance is successful on a small scale basis in towns and communities across the world. Centralized government comes to an end, along with the end of a globalized currency and welfare state in our lifetime. Newly formed communities pick up the pieces in the aftermath. Farming and manufacturing resume its place in countries that off shored it years ago. White collar jobs are minimized. Constitutions will not receive massive condemnations, but instead minor reforms and an emphasis on reconfiguring the education systems to un-school on a communal basis and groom learning for an individuals own destiny. Much of this requires altering what education entails and what employment entails as well. Despite this return to basics, the systems will provide health care and financial assistance to those who need it most. Communal contributions assure this and assure that everyone is guaranteed employment and a right to life on Earth. It will be a far more humble lifestyle than we once knew, but the survivors of the upcoming conflict will be happier as a result.

But before this world of peace is to occur, first must come war. That means all of the horrible things I’ve written about must come about the way that they are required to. One of my commenters has been struck by fear in recent days and wants a deal to be made in Greece badly. It’s the wrong choice to make. These emotions that my commenter have are played upon exactly by the globalized press because the powers that be hope humanity makes the wrong choice in spite of what is best for them. With the developments as they are, it is not going to be happening. However, here’s what happens in an alternative timeline if Greece managed to strike a deal and rejoined the European Union. It’s not a pretty sight to behold.

The reunification of the Euro means the end of liberty on Earth. Freedoms are removed, voting rights are stripped, elections are cancelled and the poor have no say over their collective destiny. The continued Greek European Union means the end of the labor unions, the middle class and a prosperous society. It means slavery returns to our Earth and all condemnations of it from the past are banished from our lifetime. It means the masses are implanted with V chips and all purchases are to be made at the corporate insistence. Those who refuse to participate are slaughtered and executed, sometimes in a very gruesome manner. Mankind is controlled remotely by wealthy people. History is rewritten to serve the corporate interest groups and education becomes non existent. We would see the return of child labor, the elimination of retirement and no health care for the masses at all whatsoever. The New World Order, in this state, is unleashed in its most ugly form and it is not a pretty sight to behold.

This is what my commenter doesn’t realize is what comes if we stayed the course that he proposes to for seeming stability. He doesn’t really want this, but doesn’t realize that this is the course we go on if we allow Greece to succumb to the will of the European Union and its creditors demands. Admittedly, the transition away from this globalized system will be painful, as the elite truly won’t give this up without a fight. However, it is necessary for our survival and advancement as a species. Better times are ahead, I promise. However, as a consequence of the laziness we have exhibited for far too long, we will suffer first. We gave up much of our constitutional rights and civil liberties long ago. That’s why governments don’t honor them anymore when the people exercise their rights around the world. Courts are meaningless and justice will not come about with the way that society is stacked against the masses. Uprisings become more prominent and overthrows are regular occurrences. After that, a real world will come about that sees our future brighter and our lives more prosperous and freer than ever before. Self governance is necessary to make this world a reality. Control is in your hands. Take it before someone else decides to take it for you and use it for their own advantage.

Hope everyone now has something to look forward to. It will help for when shit hits the fan very soon.

3 thoughts on “2016: The Brilliant Future If We Stay the Course…and the Consequences If We Don’t

  1. will we see inflation or deflation first ? or one or the other ultimately in the coming few years ? how will this playout due to currency, if u.s. currency is even worth anything ?

    1. Much of the world currencies are either eradicated or restructured. Many colonies create their own form of currency and capital systems, other band together and modify pre-existing ones. Inflation comes immediately after the markets fall, but the structure changes so that money as you know it no longer exists and inflation/deflation becomes less of a problem. Hope this helps.

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