Update on Mariah Carey


Well the press is already at it. Pushing out the narrative of “pill popping” and “mental illness” before the elite are prepared to sacrifice her to the Illuminati God of Baphomet. Like Whitney Houston before her, this has been in the works for a long time. The planning has been meticulously done beforehand in order to strike upon at exactly the right moment in time. I’ve written about this two times before and it appears that June may be the month that they attempt to pull off the ceremony on the altar of Canaan (words from the spiritual world). Before it’s too late to do so, those in her inner circle better start locking her doors, checking on everyone who is around her and ordering her to lay low for a while. Any moment that she is alone is a moment that doom and death can fall upon her in short interval of time. She’s going to need all the protection she can get, trust me when I say this now.

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