June 12th


In a follow up to our writings about the MK ULTRA patsy in our midst, I would like to mention the date June 12th. It obviously has some importance to the elite because it has been mentioned by our spy a number of times. June 12th is the birth date of former President George HW Bush and of soon to be centennial David Rockefeller. I wrote about a purge of the elite on our site last year and perhaps the elite would like to use this as a means to slam our site as “terrorist propaganda” in the near future. This is why I believe a false flag assassination will occur towards one of these two men, or another high ranking member of the elite, to serve as a catalyst for the further eroding of human rights all around the world. The death of Richard Rockefeller in a mysterious plane crash last year occurred only one day later; on June 13th rather than the 12th. Keep an eye out for this in the near future. It may be an event of important consequence to all of humanity.

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