Two Strikes for Israel


Well, my previous advice to keep the war hawks in Netanyahu’s latest coalition in line have appeared to fall on deaf ears. We have two strikes against the Israeli’s attempts to exacerbate the instability in the middle east and it hasn’t even been a month into their tenure yet. Strike #1 is the recent attack on the Gaza strip in retaliation to a rocket launch that injured or killed no one. Strike #2 is their recent attempts to harass FIFA soccer officials with their recent indictment on corruption charges by the Department of Justice (or the Department of Injustice for their inability to reign in police brutality….I’ll get to that another time). These allegations have been known for almost 25 years and it just so happens that these arrests are occurring now? Just hours before a vote is to be set to eliminate Israel from the FIFA charter? This is political retaliation at its finest and it will not intimidate the league officials or help to make amends for their ever present brutality in the region. If anything, this is going to backfire on them and this apparent retaliation will have reverberations in the forms of the rise of the BDS movement and the elimination of many Jewish politicians in the United States and across Europe. I write this because strike #3 will be the final straw that does Israel’s state legitimacy in for many generations to come. If they do not pull themselves together now, they will find that they will have no more supporters (or those who are still able to support them) and they will fall to invasion by their neighbors in the surrounding region. It seems that the Israeli government is too far gone at this point, but I write this in the hope of a last minute intervention. If not, the Israeli’s will be cast out of Israel for a third time in world history and it will be yet another tragic fate that befalls upon the Jewish people in all of human history. Come to your senses now because there aren’t many opportunities to save the state left. They are diminishing by the hour and will soon be a thing of the past.