Remembering Biblical Prophecy of Tragic Times and a Fake Jesus


I never write about Biblical Prophecy but I have something important to say right now.  I believe we are at a critical shift in human history.  There are warnings in the Bible about wars and people claiming to be Jesus who, in fact are not Jesus.  There are government programs in place to create the appearance of a fake Jesus to help usher in their NWO.  I think there will be many people who rise up pretending to be Jesus but are nothing more than MKULTRA government wind up toys.  Watch for Fake Jesus false flags.  Good people will hopefully have discernment against these crazy events.

As a side note, I’m unsure if there is something to this but one such fake Jesus has been contacting me for years and it has reached a point where I need to seek legal help against this man who is harassing me/ causing emotional distress.  He has announced that as Jesus he will return June 12th and keeps rattling on about June.  I just want to put this information as a warning on the record.  I sent him a cease and desist letter and our blog has nothing to do with this man or any actions he might cause.  I hope the police in his area will adequately respond if he does something weird.  He has not indicated to me any plans for violence or else I’d have reported that immediately.  I have no reason to suspect that he might be violent expect that if he really is a convicted felon he isn’t aloud to own a gun legally.  I am unsure if he really owns a gun as he claims.

One thought on “Remembering Biblical Prophecy of Tragic Times and a Fake Jesus

  1. I thought I should mention that June 12th is the birth date of two very high ranking Illuminati members: George HW Bush and soon to be centennial David Rockefeller. The June 12th date has some importance to the elite. Every one should keep an eye out for it just in case.

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