Pattern of Bringing Down Patriots in the Liberty Movement


Warning for patriots who are actively involved in activism in the liberty movement, including talk show hosts, utubers, people with blogs, websites and very active in their activism on social media.  The government has been and will continue to send psyop patsy types to false flag and then say they were inspired by you.  They will post some weird rants or journals or manifestos on your social media and be found with your merchandise or propaganda.  This has already happened and is increasing.  One such example is the fake Osama Bin Laden library filled with so called ‘conspiracy’ and liberty movement truther type books.  That was obvious crap fake propaganda and Osama didn’t read that stuff and wasn’t a fan of these authors or ideas. The dumb ass media clearly overplayed their lies which they hallucinate their watchers are so dumb and brainwashed that they would believe it.  I laugh every time I see those completely far fetched and obviously created articles linking Osama to the liberty movement.  So totally silly and unrealistic.  Now, every single government psyop toy will be linked to Alex Jones or some other loud mouthed liberty lover they wish to take out because they are exposing the NWO.  Further, I have had several friends who are in the liberty movement who told me that someone associated with a false flag mass shooting has posted rants on their social media, like their Facebook Fanpage. This is a low blow, desperate pattern of attacks on the liberty movement which is in no way connected to the terrorists but, in fact fighting the true terrorists, the NWO.  Be mindful of this attack if you are in the Liberty movement and speak out against violence in advance of being pinned with inspiring some cookoo-bird MK ULTRA patsy planted there to take you down.  Now is the time to decry violence and expose the true terrorists.  No wonder that Osama is being linked to liberty movement books since he too is a government patsy who played a role in our government run terrorism which is an ongoing injuman unjust attack on human rights and should be punished by the harshest extent of the law.