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Tonight’s Trans Pacific Partnership vote is going to have major consequences for those who supported the fast tracking of the policy without debate. I won’t say what that will be (to keep it a secret), but it will scare those in the senate from supporting something like it again and it will stall House Republicans until they vote no for passage. This is a brief message because it’s a late breaking one I just got from the spiritual world. This weekend will begin to see the rebellion and retribution that comes from this usurping of democracy by corporate conglomerates. They’ll wish they hadn’t supported this when push comes to shove.

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      1. Please say we stat in the euro, or do we become a george orwell state led by big brother cameron, and if this happens is martial law on the cards for the uk?. People are fed up surely they won’t stand for it much longer?

      2. The EU is dead. However, what comes next isn’t much better. I’ve said this before, but the monarchy will retain more power and it will be oppressive at times. That’s why I caution being in the UK. The future is not bright for the continent.

      3. You’d be right. I’ve known this for a while. Unfortunately, this comes as a result of decades, possibly centuries, of corruptive karma finally catching up to the continent of Europe as a whole. I feel really bad about it, but the after life is not happy with your leaders and they want them out in the worst way, but that won’t happen without a fight that takes a long time to achieve success. The spiritual world is patient, even if mortal humans are not. Fortunately, there is a sanctuary in another part of the world. South America is a fabulous destination or Iceland. Both of these regions will harbor evacuees when the war commences. The signs will be obvious to you when that times arises where they open their doors to immigrants. I would suggest that if you get a window of opportunity to flee, then you should take it by the horns and run with the bull. Take it when it is offered to you and not when it is unprovoked. You never know what you’ll find waiting for you on the other end. 🙂

      4. Looks like it’s confirmed on reuters greece will not be making the payment to imf next month as they do not have the money. I take it like you say from monday onwards things will start to worsen?.

      5. Early June. That’s when things get worse. Honestly, I thought this was all going to happen in March or April, but it didn’t. It got volatile, but then the markets just kept inflating again. I haven’t been right about when the major crash was going to happen, but every time I’ve said there would be a crash, there would be problems. I can’t help if the markets decide to ignore reality and further inflate the bubble. That doesn’t mean my visions are wrong, it just means my posting them is seeing reaction from the financial banks who read this blog. That’s why I almost want to hold off on saying when I think the next vector for a crash will happen. The longer it takes to crash, the harder and more devastating the fall will be. That’s what I’ve been pondering as a result of the actions of my infiltrated government readership. Those who hold power know my words are true and have no intention of changing anything. They have had ample opportunity to do so and yet they have failed to time and time again. That’s why this crash is inevitable and needs to happen sooner rather than later. That’s why I hope it can be the least devastating possible for you and for all of humanity. Hope this helps.

      6. It seems to be getti g worse already on breaking states greece will not be able to meet any payments in june, thjs appears to be free falling now. The worry is will investors start to pull their money out?.

      7. The red lines are coming into discussio with greece today, I guess this is where things start to turn sour?. Can you imagine if they turn around and say pensions and wages will have to wait there would be unrest in greece.

      8. That’s what the IMF and Euro Union bankers want, plus new elections, but these anarchists are not going to give up their government without a fight. It will collapse, with unfortunate consequences for the entirety of Europe and the world. There will be massive flights from Greece to America and other nations. It won’t be good with lots of immigrants being met with state violence. This is going to become a calamity by the summer. Watch out for it.

      9. latest news regarding greece:

        Curious…. Bloomberg is quoting a Greek official saying that the two sides have started drafting a staff-level agreement; basically a deal that could be approved by eurozone ministers.

        Markets getting a boost at the moment as the latest comments regarding #Greece suggest a deal could be forthcoming

        This story is up and down all the time so much that it is giving me a headache lol, or are they just clutching at straws? if true this is just absolutely insane!!!. I was on the bus today and i keep getting this constant heavy feeling all the time that something is happening in the UK a no win situation.

      10. here is the latests regarding greece, well it looks like this is for certain we have dodged bad times yet again:

        Tsipras: We are on the final stretch to a deal

        It’s official! Greece believes that it is close to a deal with its lenders.

        Prime minister Alexis Tsipras has just announced that the details will be presented ‘soon’, and insisted there is no danger that wages and pensions won’t be paid.

        But Tsipras also said that Greece’s creditors are divided over some issues, which surely means a deal cannot be imminent.

        Here are the newsflashes:


      11. The greece situation appears to be dragging on longer and longer from the reports today. Also they are officially in recession. Is it me or are the powers that be just giving out optimistic views with the attitude of don’t worry everything is fine attitude ?. Also they have said the dollar has extracted i feel like they are not telling the full truth. What are your views?.

      12. I’ve said this a lot of times before, but I knew these talks with Greece were going to end poorly from the start. Not only is this the best course for humanity with the end of a globalized new world order currency, it comes as the IMF has asked Greece to make concessions that they are unwilling to accept. The audacity to call for new elections or referendums, spitting in the face of the choice the people have made, is growing into a sense of anger and distrust around Germany and the rest of the EU. Don’t be surprised if Merkel is fatally assaulted this year as I have previously written in my predictions for Europe blog. The other thing is the elite hate the idea of a strong US dollar. The fact that they celebrate a weak one and panic over strength is telling as to whose alliances they really have; and its not of the American working class. That in itself is why the Greece talks need to fail. The IMF negotiators do not care about the needs of the pensions and wages of the working class. Allowing a deal to go through would be disastrous for the masses in all of Europe. This will all end in disaster by the end of June. They keep dragging this out, an especially dangerous precedent in conjunction with not only a China/US stock market burst, but now with a failed deal with Iran to curb their nuclear arms program. This is only going to get worse before it gets better.

      13. latest update regarding greece:

        IMF-ECB said to be ready to offer take/leave deal to Greece. Greek source saying upfront verbal guarantee of restored liquidity = baseline.

        this is just utter madness, surely the greek people cannot be happy with this. If they go for it then i fear the backlash.

      14. They won’t go for it. There’d be too much backlash and the leaders don’t want to have new elections. This is going to end horribly.

      15. latest update as well,

        Tonight’s meeting in Berlin is missing one crucial actor – Alexis Tsipras himself, the left-wing leader who swept to power in January on a promise to end austerity and break away from the last five years.

        Tsipras had hoped to reach a political agreement over Greece, but tonight’s meeting suggests he’s going to get an ultimatum from creditors.

        And that might not be compatible with his own political mandate, so whatever emerges from Berlin won’t be the end of this story.

        Tsipras not invited to the party in Berlin. He will be handed a take it or leave it when he does finally sit down with Greece’s creditors.

        On another note i know you have gone over this a few times, but things do feel earaliey the calm before the storm still over here in the UK. So much so that some nights i have difficulty sleeping as i have a sense of dread, for when the exact cuts are announced on the 8th july emergency budget here in the UK. Do you think there could be false flags that could happen in the UK as well?

      16. Well the EU looks to have made an offer to Greece, but we will not know until tomorrow if Greece will accept it. I have a feeling this deal involves a ton of Austerity attached to it as well as a big catch???

      17. It is starting to look really bad now the situation, greece have basically said no to EU and thrown it back in the face on the last hour, to say they will be making payment at the end of June. I wonder if this starts to effect the market now?. investors taking their money out bank runs etc?

      18. This is the last I’m going to say of this as I would like to let this play out the way it is supposed to. The bank runs are already happening, the question is when the bank freezes (meaning banks make closings so money can’t be pulled out) occur and how that effects the rest of the European economy. This attack on Syriza has less to do with them and more to do with silencing liberal thought in the European Union. It fails because the majority of people are liberal and this aggressiveness in austerity will have political consequences for the entirety of the continent.

        The other thing you need to look for now is Russia. Vladimir Putin has held off much of his invasion plans in Ukraine and Crimea for this reason. He thinks it is wise to wait until Europe goes into economic collapse and then go on a full scale invasion when the continent is weaker. That’s why John Kerry went to Greece and Germany to beg for a solution to the crisis. The US government reads this site and they know, as well as I do, the consequences for the continent when Greece finally pulls out of the Euro Zone (they think they can save it while I know it is impossible, that’s the difference).

        When the Grexit does occur at the end of this month (though the ramifications of the decision may not be felt immediately), it will reverberate across the continent and have large scale economic, social and political costs as a result of Greece’s decision to do so. Racism and genocide rises. Starvation, disease and famine are prevalent. Riots and anarchy ensues. It’s a bad time to be a European or a European American. They have made very bad choices and it will come to bite them in the ass as soon as this month. I know you wish for this not to happen (I feel it in your presence and words), but it must for the betterment of humanity. It will be a painful transition, but a necessary one for long lasting piece.

        I’m going to write a blog about 2016, the future improving and why war must happen for us to get to this period in history soon. You’ll understand my thoughts then and what happens in an alternative reality that never fights for mankind’s own liberation. That choice would be more devastating than the one I’m telling you about today. That is the truth.

      19. On a related note, it looks like when Greece finally leaves the EU, the UK is poised to follow suit. England wants out, but is held up by Scotland. This could see an independence referendum in Scotland again in which they then fail to join the failing European Union coalition. When I say the Grexit will have continent wide consequences, that means all of the continent; even countries not under the Euro currency.

      20. Read my blog post entitled Hot Potato. At this rate, the cause of collapse has been constantly shifting around the world with no one wanting to be the man left with the bags in the end. Greece could cause the collapse, but so could your country or China or the US or South America, particularly Venezuela (which I haven’t written about yet). The truth is it’s all of those things, it’s just a matter of who will get the blame when things finally turn for the worst. That’s all I can say for now. We have to let it play out as it will.

      21. Seems to be very much the quiet before the storm here in the UK at the moment, I think once the cuts are known that will change

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