A Media Broadcast is Interrupted


I’ve developed a sickening feeling every time I see mainstream media on my television or internet feed. It’s nothing but white supremacy and lies. I’m fed up with it and thankfully I’m not the only one who is either. In late May or early June, the group Anonymous will reenact the scene in V for Vendetta where the television feed is hacked and interrupted with a message of their own. Mainstream media and major television broadcasts across the country will be interrupted by this group and the truth about our world will be revealed to the masses. The government will claim that the Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for the hack, but that is not true. This message will inspire another major rally on the fifth of November and the final battles of the civil war shall rage on after that. The masses are fed up with the corruption in government and the accomplices that keep this corrupt status quo in check. That’s about to fall to the ground very soon. I feel for anyone who harshly falls down with the implosion of the Illuminati agenda.

4 thoughts on “A Media Broadcast is Interrupted

  1. Do not confuse  white supremacy with I’m rich and you don’t count class. To me the I’m better than you crowd knows no race period. They just want power & recognition.

    1. No, the “I’m rich” class has a racial hierarchy as well. Obviously rich blacks have more power than poor whites, but rich whites are the ultimate rulers of much of the world. They dictate for the rich minorities who dictate to the poor in every racial group. The rich whites fall along with the rich blacks, but it is the rich whites who led rich blacks astray. That’s the point.

  2. I’m pretty amazed that everyone is still following the lie that these are racial issues. The war at hand is a purely spiritual one between the Lucifarian agenda of government and Shadow government and the people who are being led into divsion tactics to mask the underlying agenda. Be strong in the light of God and be vigilant of Satan’s lies. Remember this is a spiritual war, not a race war.

    1. Spiritually, that’s what it is. What I’m talking about is on the surface. At the end of the day, good and evil has no skin color, but it is how our society is designed and should be discussed.

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