Government Psy Ops In Our Midst


Remember a while back I wrote about government psy ops being used for false flag assassinations and terrorist attacks in order to curtail civil liberties and violate human rights around the globe? Well, our writing has gotten the attention of the FBI once more (they were on us when we wrote about Skull + Bones on the original Know the Next website a year ago) because we have been having to deal with our own government infiltrator in the last few days. I’m posting this blog publicly to let the Deep State government know that we are onto you and we know what you are trying to do in order to sabotage our efforts to expose wrongdoing in government. We aren’t joking when we say we’re psychics. It’s not just our prescience into world affairs that validates our writings, it’s also our deep eye chakra’s knowledge of government plans to hurt political dissentients of the plans to further expand tyranny around the globe. We know we are your targets and we would like to let you know that we aren’t afraid of you. We have documented proof of your attempts to infiltrate our website that we will post publicly if you continue to harass us and do not back off in your efforts to do so. Revolution is coming around the world one way or another. Silencing us isn’t going to stop the inevitable from becoming your collective fate in the near future. 😉