Military Base Bombing


A number of months ago, I wrote a prediction about a nuclear attack on a weapons facility before the civil war was to begin. I said this was to occur in March, but it didn’t. However, this front page headline suggests that the predicted bombing may occur a little less than two months after I said it would. I’ve been off on my prediction dating in the past, but I’m rarely off on the hunches I’ve received being valid and the predictions I make coming to fruition. If this national red alert suggests anything, it’s that this attack may happen in any moment or day now. Keep an eye out for it just in case it’s a staged false flag attack used to distract the masses or a legitimate attack by UN or Russian forces in power striking against American imperialism around the globe. We’re not out of the woods just yet. This is one (of many) things that make people thinking that the unrest is over rethink their initial signs of assurance. Their assessments on the ground are wrong and they’ll wake up to that realization when things turn deadly wrong for them. One thing I will say is that we’re in for a long summer, that’s entirely for sure.

ETA 5/10/15: I had previously written of not just a military base bombing, but also of an attack on a nuclear power plant. News of vulnerability at New York’s Indian Point today should set off some alarms. Very dangerous news, especially if ISIL or ISIS manages to get their armies firmly into the facilities. That would cause the nuclear attack on New York I have previously written about in prior blog posts. It still could happen as an attack by Russia or China, but this is a distinct possibility to watch for as well. Stay alert everyone. I’ll have a bigger post on things to keep an eye out for generally soon.


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  1. A few months ago there was leaked info that six nukes went “missing”. Not long after that 36 top nuclear commanders were fired. Some insider talked to infowars and said that the nukes were going to Charleston I believe and that there would be a false flag operation. Also said those commanders were fired because they wouldn’t fall in line with their plans. The missing nukes and fired commanders was quietly announced in the news. 2 weeks after that Obama and other congressman made speeches talked about fears of a bomb going off there or New York. In 2014 a hacker was arrested for breaking into military intelligence and said he had found plans for a false flag operation for a nuke going off in Pennsylvania sometime in 2015.
    It seems their plans keep changing locations every time it gets leaked, but they are determined.

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