David Cameron Cheated


I know I have a longer post that I need to write, but this short blurb will take priority for now. The recent UK election saw Prime Minister David Cameron win reelection against his challenger Ed Miliband. This came as a surprise considering Cameron’s dwindling popularity. Well, I hate to break it to any of his supporters, but it’s only the result of one thing; cheating. David Cameron is a cheater. C-H-E-A-T-E-R. Like with the rigged Scotland Independence referendum in favor of the monarchy and the English government, this election was also rigged in Cameron’s favor. In the next day or so (possibly a bit later on), allegations will come in more definitive terms of forging ballots and stripping voter roles of rival party voters by UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Seeking to get revenge for weakening his party’s influence, his accusations bear merit even with the initially skeptical British tabloid press. This will set off a fresh round of riots in the nation and, if Scotland Yard doesn’t act quickly, will escalate into the predictions for the UK that I’ve written about before. It’s a shame that Cameron needed to say things like this aloud. He and John Boehner will wish they hadn’t when shit hits the fan for them soon.


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  1. A lot of tension building in me at the moment because of this result. Peeps are so brainwashed even had one comment to saybget over it they won. There is a lot of divide out there now, people with it does not affect me. People are not even questingbthe result which is scary have peepsbbecome so brainwashed by propaganda? .

    • This happened after the Bush v Gore election, but what followed was the instability that has the US on the verge of civil war as we speak. Those sheep will be awakening soon enough, trust me as I call it now.

    • I saw this with Nate Silver (who is a very respected American pollster) as well.


      They are going to investigate it because, as I said, it doesn’t add up. Those polls are right on a very small margin of error. This was nowhere near that margin which, rightfully, raises eyebrows even amongst the powers that be. Nigel Farage and Nicola Sturgeon will be looking into this as well. What they’ll find will be shocking. Stay tuned. This is not over yet, not by a long shot.

    • Now, but it could also happen anytime up until June. As I’ve said, watch the investigations into the polls and the discrepancies that are found. The sadness turns to anger soon after the news breaks that not all was right in the handling of this election.

      • One thing I’d like you to keep in mind about trouble in the streets is that it is rarely, if ever, “random.” There’s always precursory instigation that sets off such anarchy. It never acts as a catalyst on its own in isolation. That’s why I have said to keep watching the news on the election and what happens when Cameron (like Nuttyahoo in Israel) has a nearly monumental task of forming a government by the hairs on his chinny chin chin. Unstable governments cause riots. Economic chaos causes riots. But by no means will the signs not be there before the riots finally occur.

      • Still nothing in mainstream media, people are questioning things on twitter. Protest is on in London that torys are back in but i think it is standard protest. what do you think?.

      • It starts off in the indie media and eventually permeates in the mainstream. You are already seeing the bubble forming. It will come to the surface soon. If not in the next few days, then certainly by June. Keep an eye out for it. The story isn’t dying down in the slightest.

      • Hello,

        One thing i am very concerned about the welfare cuts Cameron is planning to implement. Do these cause massive devastation to low income families who rely on top up benefits as the wages are too low. And the people who voted for cameron because they fell for the propaganda by the mainstream media do those voters regret their decision?.

      • I’ve discussed this before. Yes, there will be a lot of anger and no, Cameron won’t get the cuts he wants done. Enough outrage and uproar will see him shelve those plans rather quickly. He’ll be up against a very angry public until he resigns or is assassinated. Either of those scenarios is a possibility at this point; especially as the cheating becomes much bigger news.

      • so things look like they will not turn out to bad if the cuts don’t go ahead, but like you say greece leaves the euro so that is the cause of the demise am i right, or got it wrong?

      • Greece is the ultimate catalyst for the problems. Cameron’s election on its own wouldn’t be so economically damaging. Politically, it would cause massive instability and rioting until he was forced to resign or faced assassination like Margaret Thatcher, but not a failed attempt like hers. Also notice the rise of the IRA coinciding with all of this. That should make Cameron more alarmed than anything else. However, to say that the real trouble is solely from this election result is wrong. It is a cause of destabilization, but it’s not the make or break either.

      • The longer it takes, the more likely it is that they will head out of the EU. Germany may offer a better bail deal out at the absolute last minute, but it’s not as good as the Russian deal that Vladimir Putin has put on the table (not reported in the media, that’s my psychic hunch) and so Alex Tsiparis will end up walking away from a bad deal to an even worse than Europe would ever offer him. National pride and unmovable red lines spell doom for the entirety of the European Union, including the United Kingdom.

      • Hello again,

        I think it is looking more likely that greece will leave the EU, an article today said basically what you said, the sticking point is the constant redlines. I have a feeling Greece will not fall back on it’s promises to it’s people otherwise they could risk a big revolt on their own turf.

        I take it TICK TOCK TICK TOCK is in order?.


      • now the situation changes again

        #Greece has made the 750 mln euro payment to the #IMF that had been in doubt – sources tell @Reuters

        But i take it this is just repayment news?, redlines still drawn in the sand?, no bailout deal reached?

      • They won’t. I have a psychic sense that you want the Greeks to stay in the economy because you don’t want to see the anarchy and insurrection that follows. You’re afraid and it’s understandable. However, I must stress to you that their leaving is the best option for the entire world in the long run. It’s the only way to remove evil officials from power and to preserve freedom and prosperity for the most of the world who very much needs it right now. The Greeks will bail out by the end of the month. It will be bad for a moment, but it will be better after that.

        Meanwhile, in London…..


        This is the first of such protests. Expect more soon.

      • do you see these protest’s in the UK getting more severe with each protests are we talking water cannons?, i know boris johnson bought a couple last year. Do we see protests turn into riots?, not just in London but in the north of the UK like what happened in 2011?

      • One more thing, they are trying to rush forward on removing the bill of rights here in the UK basically so we cannot question the government, also workfare (slave labour) people can’t fight back against it. Does this removal of the rights bill get stopped in it’s tracks?, there would be uproar if they remove it.

      • That’s really hard to say. It will be met with uproar, but do to the military and economically logistical information on the ground, I highly doubt that it will be stopped dead in its tracks. I’ve written about this before as well.

      • Would you say the people of the UK unite with each other in these times ahead?, there is still a divide through mainly propaganda working people being brainwashed against people unemployed etc.

        Basically do communities come together due to these cuts?

      • They do and I think they’ll succeed in stopping the cuts. However, there are long term dangers that need to be watched out for. Read my latest blog. It sums up much of what I have to say on the matter.

      • I think greece is on its way out of the euro now as payment made today was in princible and out of a reserve account, they may have reaxhed the end of the road now

      • This is the start of the election fraud probes, but it isn’t the most definitive one that seals the deal that Cameron cheated. It’s good to note this is happening now, but there’s a bigger issue that has yet to be uncovered. If Farage is persistent, he’ll find what it is. It’s just a matter of time. 😉

      • The economic elite wanted the conservatives in power and they collaborated with the Tories to make that a possibility. A revote will be called, but I highly doubt Cameron will be for it. That’s why unrest and riots are inevitable.

      • hello,

        i noticed this on breaking news.com today

        Greek investment deal from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development worth up to 500 million euros a year, Greek Finance Ministry says

        But i also heard EB want 3 million cuts from Greece or something like that.

      • Hello,
        What do you make of the breaking news on breakingnews.com regarding greece:

        Greek prime minister says wants to ensure there is no threat to paying wages and pensions, will reach deal with lenders – @Reuters

        Greece pays 500 million euros-worth of public sector wages to avert fresh economic crisis – @guardian

        Seems to me they are getting the money from somewhere, maybe things have started to change do you still think they will jump ship at the end of May?.

        Also will the TTIP deal be pushed through for the UK, on a secondary note a lot of peaceful protest plans are gathering pace at the moment in the UK, this could prevent riots. The bill of rights removal is a real concern for the people of the UK, but i dont think Cameron will push this through as it will be filled with loopholes etc what are your thoughts?.

      • Looks like it is getting serious in greece now, greece said there will be no cyprus like solution no bail in alternative, no third bailout

      • It looks like greece will be staying the euro an article say ECB will not let them go and risk a disaster for the European union.

      • They are trying to save it, but I’m telling you it falls through at the last minute. They have to make a decision by the end of the month. The stakes are high, but the red lines are not crossing into compromise just yet. Watch for what happens next week. That’s when things start to turn for the worst.

      • They will. Greece’s exit spurs the exists of others; especially Italy, Spain and France.

      • This is looking really serious now my confidence fairy tale ending is fading rapidly. There have been reports of infighting in the greek government also greek people protesting today. This is going to escalte rapidly I think. Cameron cannot even handle our economy nevermind fallout from the euro.

      • I’ve written about these kinds of things before. It’s a domino effect. When Greece exists, other nations follow. Their bust of the EU is stock market burst #1. Hong Kong’s stock market crashing is stock market burst #2. When Americans come together in August on a national work stoppage month, it’s #3 and the world economy goes tumbling into the most severe depression in world history. Things are not good. Thankfully, things will get better after this in 2016; for some. For Europe, I know it might be harsh to say this, but an exit strategy should be an order for you. I don’t see freedom lasting in the United Kingdom for much longer. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but there’s a bad sense of what is to come for the European continent as a whole very soon. Think World War II like invasions. That’s how severe it will get.

      • just watching the updates on greece today, they are changing the goal post’s again also check this out:

        Europe’s jobs crisis may finally be easing.

        Firms are hiring staff at the fastest pace since 2011, the early days of the eurocrisis, according to Markit’s PMI survey.

        this is good news to me, also they are saying they could extend the greek bailout, and also this:

        US investment management giant BlackRock remains pretty confident that Greece and her creditors will reach a deal in time:

        Shares are inching higher on the Athens stock market this mornings, on hopes that Alexis Tsipras can make some progress in his talks with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande tonight.

        The main Athens index is up 0.5% this morning, outperforming the rest of Europe.

        The French and German markets are both down, after this morning’s PMI data showed a slowdown in Germany and another contraction in the French factory sector.

        To be honest i have changed my mind again, lets be honest i don’t think ECB or IMF will allow them to leave the Euro even if they default, so it looks like the doom and gloom could well be something behind us, things are picking up now.

      • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I know you want a deal to be reached, but it’s not the best thing for humanity. Greece exiting is the best policy possible. The longer the inevitable is delayed, the further human suffering continues. They may push this off until September or December, but an exit from the Euro is inevitable. This is dangerous. It’s better to get it over with than keep on this charade for longer than it has to. Though, even with some signs of positivity, the likelihood of an extension is still thin.

      • Fair points my friend, you say watch out for next week I take it heated talks will be on the card. I watched an interview last night greece still saying if it’s a choice of paying the creditors n a pensionef they will still choose the latter. Regarding the uk I take it will not be a good place to live soon would people try n move overseas?

      • Yes. Some will stay in Europe to deal with the misery, some will flee to North and South America and some build refuge in smaller communities that push out monarchy presence there. The choice for what you wish to do is entirely up to you. I have faith you’ll make the right choice.

      • Eh, I’m not sure that’s the thing you should be most worried about. It’s austerity protests on pension cuts and the cheating scandal/general corruption in UK politics. The food riots are less severe than in other parts of Europe.

      • Not looking good for greece again, they made payment but I heard it was in princible and they took it from the reserved funds. Basically the IMF just paid for its own loan to greece things are getting desperate you could not make this up.

      • Do the Conservatives manage to stay in power for 5 years?,. or because of the decline of the UK the people power manage to choose another government?.

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