Warning for Selena Gomez


Remember I wrote exactly one month ago about the chilling article from the National Enquirer about the likelihood of another teen star dying in a planned tragedy this year? One that the elite would set up as a ritual sacrifice to the altar of Baphomet? Well, I may have figured out who it is before it’s too late to do so. A little over twenty years ago today, Latina pop star Selena was tragically murdered by the former head of her fan club before she was to rise to international prominence like Shakira or Sofia Vergara. She was considered the Latina Madonna and could have eclipsed her star power twenty years earlier. Instead, she was the one who was killed and Madonna has been allowed to live on (though those days are numbered). Either this year or next year, another Latina pop star from Texas should watch out for the elite repeating this tragedy. It is none other than Texas born Selena Gomez. The eery name similarity, coupled with the identical age as the former pop star, make her a prime candidate for a staged “accident” that will actually be a murder and sacrifice. Watch out, Selena. The elite want more blood and yours is the easiest to eliminate at the current moment. Stay vigilant about your safety and be mindful of who you have around you in your inner circle. If you let the wrong people get too close, your days are numbered in our plane of existence.

One thought on “Warning for Selena Gomez

  1. Funny thing liam…she is the one that came to mind after I read your prediction a month ago.plus,she dated Justin Bieber.the spawn of Satan.she projects a positive image to the kids.were Her ex gets young girls to lose their virginity.so yes…I have to agree with you a 100 percent.

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