Narendra Modi


I’ve written about the prime minister of India on three different occasions. The first was a general oversight of what to expect during his term in office. The second was the risk of a war flaring up between India and Pakistan that can be economically damaging to both regions. The third concerned the issue of tigers mauling citizens as a result of population expansion. All of those issues are coming to the forefront now. As India prepares to announce its radical new budget to help improve the economy for its billion plus population, the issues of women’s rights, gay rights and childhood poverty will be coming to the forefront in the negotiations. Modi does not want to address these issues as they are divisive to his very moderate positions on such agendas. However, international pressure and business pushes have a way of forcing his hand. He should cave. It will be better for the future of India if he does, even if it does become politically unpopular in the immediate aftermath. As this is occurring, expect to see more stories like this became international affairs as well. Modi should ignore these as they will not play well for him whatever decision is inevitably made. He has an amazing economic vision, but his more conservative social policies and his war mongering tendencies could derail his entire agenda overnight. The risk of such failure occurs in the midst of a fall from public grace this month. He better moderate some of his positions now, otherwise India is doomed to despair.

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  1. There was a Animal planet program about how Tigers hunt humans in India, in major cities that are within the range of the Bengal Tiger hunting grounds. These cities have parks in the middle of the town, and the tigers hide in there at night, while citizens walk unaware of what lies ahead.

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