The Next Few Months


I’m going to combine a number of different topics into one long blog post. This will cover almost everything I’ve been meaning to write, but certain things need to be left out due to its unrelated nature. I’ll get to those at another time.


Let’s start with the Ferguson Report and how it will spread off into a number of directions this month. The revelations in the report from last month shocked the nation. From racist emails to using policing as a revenue collection agency, the outrage has cemented calls for real reforms to policing in America. Walter Scott‘s recent murder by police and subsequent charge of the officer is only a placated reform and that only came after video footage was released of the incident. These types of actions happen in every police department across the country. Police repeatedly rape, murder, rob and ruin lives with almost no rectification given to victims at all whatsoever. This is why I have written repeatedly about police brutality since August of last year. This is the issue that will trigger off a number of actions that eventually lead to the United States into another civil war.


The protests are back as I said they would be. Police trying to intimidate and harass protestors whenever and wherever they rise, but such actions are backfiring on them. The elite know that the protestors themselves aren’t the revolutionaries. Those such as Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie (named byForbes as the 50 most influential activists in the world) aren’t the ones who will begin the gun fights in the summer. It’s groups like Anonymous and domestic militia groups who are waiting it out until all peaceful solutions are dead in the water; and they will be. Peaceful resolution is not in the cards, which is why civil war is inevitable That’s why the government staged a shooting of police officers when the protests resumed in Ferguson last month, even though that narrative fell apart relatively quickly. That’s also why you’re seeing draconian actions of stopping citizens filming police and resisting arrest as a felony occurring even in liberty loving states like Texas. This is the government trying to control its people, but such an action will backfire in the near future. That’s when the opportunists begin to stake their claim to the territory.

police brutality

The reason you are seeing US citizens treated like those in third world societies is due to the nature of globalization. The Trans Pacific Partnership is just a further nail in the coffin to state sovereignty all around the world. When individual nations and cities do not have control over their own affairs, bad things are bound to happen for the world at large. It is important to see protests coming as this deal is being rammed through various nations. If this deal falls apart (one that would effect nearly 40% of the worlds markets), then the dreams of the new world order by the elite are dead in the water. That’s what this upcoming war is really all about. The movements between preservation of evil tyranny and the destruction of these plans by good people will see a conflict that will change our world for a lifetime.


As a result of the instability in much of the world, economic news is back into the doom and gloom. As the myth of a recovery is slowly, but surely, busted, panic will settle in on Wall Street and the globalist banks. The stock market is about to crash this month. The wealthy have been in panic mode and admit that the majority of this economic damage will hurt them rather than the majority of the citizens. As a true recovery never occurred for the majority of the world, the crash can only damage those who have wealth. Those without it and those struggling have already adapted to a new way of life. That’s what really has the elite on edge with this calamity at large. The problem for them is that the protestors, such as Anonymous, are already prepared to strike when the economy comes crumbling down to the ground. The more the public holds off efforts to curtail police expansion, stop domestic spying and protesting government abuses in large numbers, the less prepared the elite will be for when shit finally hits the fan. This will set us up for the armed combat in the streets by the middle or the end of the summer.


What further makes this revolution powerful is that such actions will expand, if to lesser degrees of success, to other nations around the world. Europe and Hong Kong will act as agents of revolt. I’ve written about both places before and there prominence becomes more imminent as time goes on. The economic collapse of the EU comes as Greece will serve as a proxy to western Europe by Russia. Ireland will as well, if only for a brief period of time. Revolts in the United Kingdom have major sources of economic chaos in them. Cameron is effected by this instability due to assassination. He sort of asked for it when he brought the idea into the universe during the Scotland independence referendum. That conflict isn’t finished yet. It will return in May as Cameron faces a re-election bid. He may not live to see the polls and he may cheat if he does. Either way, Cameron’s days are numbered as he becomes a target of mass anger. In addition, the royal family also becomes tangled up in this affair and it is the Princes Charles, William and Harry who will need to flee from mob riots with their respective spouses. Such problems in the UK and in all of the European Union will leave the government in the US unable to call reinforcements on citizens in their own nation.


China will be unable to assist the US in their affairs as well, as their own citizens prepare for their own revolt in 2016. As Joshua Wong is ready to begin his protests again, the Chinese government is facing a massive crisis of their own making. With a major bubble being inflated by uneducated people pouring billions into their stock market, a burst will occur as it occurs in other countries around the world. When this happens, the Umbrella Movement will use the anarchy to infiltrate the mainland of China and begin to spread their message to a largely cut off Chinese citizenry. When they see Wong’s assassination in a Tiananmen Square reenactment, the pain and sadness will turn to anger towards the communist regime there. It will be this event that sparks riots and revolts in the mainland of China. China will put this down, but only for a short period of time. It will flare up again the following year as Korea is reunified once more. When that occurs, war rages on all across the entire eastern part of the Asian continent.

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Russian influence in all of these conflicts is where the US is essentially doomed to rubble. Watch for their hand in setting fires in all of these conflicts, as they are having more of a role in creating instability in much of these areas than anyone else. If the elite thought that the Russians would just go on a wholesale invasion of Crimea and Ukraine without distractions for the western powers, then they are deadly wrong in their delusions. The more unstable Europe, Asia and the US becomes, the more you will see Russian preparation for invasion come in their midst. By having the world’s superpowers caught up in their own domestic affairs, Russia takes advantage of this instability for their own military benefit and will begin full scale invasions of the large part of Europe by the fall of 2015 or earlier into 2016. They will be beaten back by the end of the war, but the damage to much of the regimes there is irreversible.


As a result of knowing these things are inevitable, the US government has decided to back down on an attempt to declare further war in the Middle East. That’s why you will see a seemingly anti-war tone come from all the Democrats and most of the Republicans this month; even from the most hawkish of war mongers. That’s also why you are seeing this tentative Iran nuclear deal being approved against Israel’s wishes (which will backfire on them when northern Israel is nuked in the fall). The military needs to preserve its resources to fight the domestic affair brewing below the surface. It has chosen to take this battle on instead of expanding its fight against ISIS. Once America is rattled in the midst of another civil war, much of the chaos expands throughout the rest of the world. Nukes will be fired from all directions during the chaos, leading to martial law established in much of the world. You will see the US losing badly against a citizen revolt in the process of occurring as we speak. You will see the Europeans further enslaved to a monarchy that exerts further power over its citizenry and over the private sector. You will also see slower, but successful, revolts in many of the Arab nations and also through the eastern part of Asia. While no one truly comes out without a loss, the dynamic will be better for the survivors of this bloody affair.


The paradigms of power are shifting in the next few years. The people of the US will win, even if they won’t in Europe. The people of the Middle East and Asia have a little while to go, but they too shall inherit the Earth in freedom and prosperity. The next few months will be one of the most devastating in all of world history. The nuclear armageddon feared for decades is approaching its final hour. We are on the eve of World War III. It will be consequential for all of mankind. No one is safe from its wrath. No one.