This is an EMERGENCY update on our predictions about civil war and the role of TEXAS.

The FEDS are planning a psyop on TEXAS, classed us as a major threat to their tyrannical take over.

The are drilling for gun confiscation and putting a military invasion into TEXAS.


Skinny is Out; Full Figures Will Increase in Popularity


Before the Twiggy revolution in the 1960’s skinny was considered sick and unhealthy while curves were considered appealing. In the past, in many countries well fed meant rich and healthy while thin meant starving and poor.

The Marilyn Monroe body standard is about to re-revolutionize fashion and media.  I’m not promoting an unhealthy skinny or overweight body figure.  I’m predicting that people have had enough of unhealthy, impossibly skinny body images and people are waking up to the idea that healthy figures are appealing and sexy.  Also, people in the USA are massively overweight and unhealthy due to toxins in food, water, drinks, medicines and the environment.  People are protesting unhealthy GMO food in the schools and fast food which target children and the poor.


There will be more singers/artists like Megan Trainor.  There will be more dolls and propaganda with curvy figures.  There will be more actresses and models who are curvy and the skinny anorexic ones will not be glorified for the sickly images they project as beautiful.


I think women have had enough of the Twiggy standard for beauty and differences will be more celebrated in the near future.


Chicken-Bird Flu in the USA; Don’t Eat the Chicken

Chicken_Group (1)

I’ve been warning about diseases for a long time, especially toxic meats.  I’ve noticed articles about bird flu in the USA in the poultry.  Be safe, don’t eat the chicken and don’t feed your kids nasty, cheap, fast food chicken nuggets.

Pay attention to articles about toxic meats and diseases from meats and the ground.   I’m not sure exactly what my warning is about disease from the ground but one day I guess we will understand this warning about awakening diseases from the ground.  Seems wise to eliminate chicken from the diets of cats/dogs as well since seems lately there have been toxic meats effecting animals of every sort.

Remembering Hitler; Warning USA Tyrant takeover/ Bombing of White House

If you study Hitler and the schemes of his regime to usher in genocide, tyranny, etc. then you see a clear playbook that Tyrants/NWO will follow.  Recall that Hitler set fire to political buildings in order to stay in place as the tyrant through the declaration of martial law.


The control of education and teaching of history has been taken over by the NWO in order to dumb everyone down.  They have written about convincing people that 2+2=5 means you can convince them of anything and are actually exploiting our children now under Common Core.

Through predictive programming they have already promoted a series of movies regarding the bombing of the White House/ terrorism.  Isis, a NWO created terror threat, has recently vowed to bomb the White House.  Whatever they blame it on if it happens it is a false flag.  The NWO is responsible for such a terror attack.  The liberty movement is most certainly not responsible for such a terrible deed.  Even simply Russia or North Korea are not behind such a deed; it is the NWO.  The NWO reaction will be complete tyranny and martial law which will make Hitler look gentle and sweet.  However, the good news is that this evil plan is destined to fail.  A civil war will instead break out as they begin their Hitler quality plot to restore the republic.  The states will secede and have already begun such a reaction.

We have indeed learned from history.


Calling all whistleblowers to expose any plans to set bombs off in NYC or Washington.  Don’t do it.  This plan is wrong and will backfire.  We do not want the violence or civil war.  Expose, stop and punish the NWO terror threats on the USA. Oath keepers and human rights advocates will save us, ultimately.  Also, warning to Obama.  Even though I am certainly not a fan I believe the NWO will let him go down in fire due to his lack of popularity if necessary to create order from chaos.  If the NWO were to bomb the government and certain national pride sites in order to take over it will be a last ditch effort to gain control before the singularity.  It is never to late to switch sides from the NWO to the side of the good in this great battle.

Global Warming is a LIE; Updated Prediction


I just wanted to update my radically unpopular prediction from a few years ago that we are about to witness an awakening against the scam of Global Warming that is simply created by the NWO to create and enforce taxes, regulations and suppress freedom.  I have seen more scientists speaking against the lies of global warming, more scientists being persecuted by the NWO for standing up against this global warming lie and a shift in their terminology into ‘climate change’ and ‘conspiracy.’ Humans have not created global warming and the sun is responsible for the trends and changes in temperature.  Further, paying Bill Gates taxes will not save us from the doom of our environment.  Bill Gates funds climate manipulation, chemtrails and weather weapons.  The ‘conspiracy’ is ‘global warming’ and is all about fear mongering, lies, taxes and stealing freedom.  Government bots run around websites like this making comments against people exposing the NWO lies.  However, this lie has been cracked wide open and no one is drinking the koolaid anymore.  Yet, the NWO will become even more radical and creepy in their use of their Global Warming lies which they have invested billions of dollars into believing it a clever plan to achieve certain NWO goals.  BUSTED.  WRONG.  People are not as dumb as they believed.

Excited to See the Decline of Hillary Clinton


I just want to express my excitement over the recent decline in popularity of the Wicked Witch Hillary Clinton.  As I predicted they were poised to try to sell her into the presidency simply because she supposedly has a vagina or supposedly loves vaginas.  I just want to thumb my nose at this corrupt and sick individual and the NWO plot to place her into office.  Thanks to whistleblowers she will continue to be exposed.  If there is justice she will go on trial and be officially condemned.  I doubt this will happen but the fingers of justice are crossed, hopeful that these NWO stooges will be tried for their crimes against humanity.  Hillary started her career as a child abuse/child rapist defender and persisted in a corrupt series of actions which are now coming to light.  Yay.  Whoop.  I look fw to seeing more negative headlines regarding Hillary.

Liberty has Hijacked the Arts; Persecution of Artists. Updated.


I mentioned artists using their art as a political protest and thus suffering persecution in a few predictions a couple of years ago.  I just want to point out that this prediction is well underway.  I post my art on my twitter and have recently noticed a surplus of artists around the world protesting the NWO, anti-freedom, anti-human rights, genocide, Agenda 21.  We will see more artists of all varieties protesting world wide and their liberty art has hijacked the NWO desire to use the arts to brainwash the public to their sick agenda.  Art is a revolution and I am enjoying this peaceful way that art both protests and educates the world.

Media Instigation of Race Wars/Police Hatred to Steal Freedom


I never watch television but was recently visiting my parents and they were watching some popular show called “Scandal.”  I was completely disgusted at the, unfortunately typical, villainization of the police.  Just as we have warned the NWO puppet media (news, television and movies) are trying to constantly stir race wars, race division and hatred of the police.  They aim to divide and conquer us.  They want to eliminate the Oath Keepers, free speech and will use political correctness (just as Hitler did) and race violence to create their order out of chaos.  They have created and wound up the tension of the New Black Panther movement as well as the KKK.  They send psyop instigators to  these groups to provoke race violence.  Their hate speech is not ‘free speech’ as they chant illegal death threats and the NWO wants to use this to create the need for censorship/the end of free speech.  In this complicated multifaceted carefully executed plan they will use this synthetic hatred and violence they created in order to also disarm the public under the guise of protecting them.  Watch out, this is a dangerous game aimed at doing whatever is necessary to eliminate human rights for free speech and weapons.  We see your NWO game and are not fooled.  You may not blame the liberty movement, Oath Keepers, Veterans, human rights activists for the HATRED YOU CREATED AND PROMULGATED simply in order to steal freedom and rights.  Americans demand our rights and freedoms and peace.  We do not want your NWO hatred games which end in murder, genocide, violence, innocent suffering and the loss of human rights and freedoms.  We see you and will keep waking people up against your vile tricks.  SEE HERE.

Dream about Bionic Humans/DNA splicing/Infant Experiments

I just woke up from a dream which contained some interesting ideas about the possible future for humans.  I was sitting in a chair looking at moving photographs and people were talking.

The first photograph: was this bionic singer above and someone was explaining that this type of celebrity will become more common soon.  The person explaining it said, “they will sell the transition to bionic transhumanity with celebrities like this in all types of arts.  They show the transformation as sexy, they are at first helping the disabled.  What begins as assistance to the disabled ends in volunteer celebs offering their bodies to science and life extension experiments.”

The second photograph: was a bunch of babies in labs and they were mixed with animal and plant DNA so they were not humans by definition.  Some of the experiments were morbid looking, just due to the DNA mixing.  The goal of the experiments didn’t stop at DNA splicing but appeared to be about dismembering the babies and mixing them with bionic components.  The bionic components were ‘grown’ and ‘connected’ and intertwined with the babies.  I think some of them were shells for other people to ‘possess’ as part of life extension.  There was a food product that was new that interacted with the DNA and technology in a certain way that preserved, activated and grew, designed for each specific creation.

The third photograph: was corrupt scientist cult type members growing little sex slaves which were morphed humans and they were being horribly abused.

The fourth photograph: was two images of humans spliced with non-animal components.  One baby was spliced with plants and could eat from photosynthesis.  The other baby was spliced with worm DNA and could regenerate through being cut apart and that is how it multiplied, like worms.

The creepy part of my dream was that it seemed to be exposing both positive and negative possibilities of technology.  Appears that the definition of humanity and morality and sexuality will need philosophical consideration and our orientation toward animals as ‘non humans for the use of humans and exploitation’ need to be addressed ahead of this shift or else scientists will exploit and experiment in unethical ways.  I’m not opposed to this interesting technology but just saying a warning that it must be conducted with a certain respect for life and individual choice.

Where is Putin? Leaders will ‘go MIA’ before War

I don’t know where Putin has been hiding or what happened to him.  He went missing once before and was in meditation trying to plot a course of action.  Russia has warned they will use nukes.  I just want to point out that when major world leaders suddenly go MIA perhaps they are going to bunkers getting ready to drop bombs, because, when they do plan to use nukes they will most certainly go into their bunkers ahead of their strikes.  I’d say whenever world leaders go MIA that is a warning sign that should set our fur on edge.