Warning for Japanese Gymnastics Team/ American Japanese Olympic Gymnasts


I had a strange dream that has been bothering me that something sinister was happening to some Japanese olympic gymnasts.  They were being targeted and someone was trying to kill/hurt a few of them due to some kind of jealousy or desire to make a point.  I’m not sure if they were in the USA or Japan but they were Japanese looking.  Anyway, this prediction might sound silly but this bad dream just won’t leave me alone so I thought I’d post it.


4 thoughts on “Warning for Japanese Gymnastics Team/ American Japanese Olympic Gymnasts

  1. This reminds me of the Nancy Kerrigan attack by Tanya Harding in 1994. What makes this eerier is that the Kerrigan incident occurred 21 years ago and we are on a base 7 timeline for a possible repetition this year. These girls better watch out or history will repeat itself.

    • Actually I was thinking about that skating incident when I woke up but wasn’t sure if that was the dream or just my ideas due to my experiences ice skating for so many years.

      “The cheese stands alone!”


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