Update on North Korea will Bomb South Korea Prediction


I predicted North Korea using Nukes, especially on South Korea and possibly other countries.  I recall people accusing me of just copying Major Ed Danes but I wasn’t.  People also denied that North Korea is a threat of any sort because of their general backward technology.  I warned that they will do this amid other world events when they think that people are distracted.  Kim Jung Idiot is waiting like a spider to strike at just the right moment.  It is absolutely a BAD SIGN that he is meeting with the Satanic Putin.  They are speaking of nukes.  We don’t want WWII and nukes, this will end very tragically.  I still think they are poised to nuke some major cities in the USA as well.  If they do set a Nuke on Washington or NYC then that might be the perfect moment for North Korea to drop it on South Korea.  The news just get more insane everyday, unfortunately our warnings which were laughed at before seem to be worth remembering now.   Read more about this issue HERE.