UPDATE on My Prediction of an Obama 3rd Term Nightmare


I recall posting about my fears of an Obama Third term on our old website and here is the news today.  I recall people laughing and making fun of me and telling me that I’m stupid as comments on my prediction.  It was one of my least popular predictions.  I said when he was elected to a second term I fear he will become a Tyrant and somehow manage a third term either through declaring martial law or some other way.  I hope this will not happen but today there is an article where Joe Biden is suggesting the American people should embrace Obama for a third term.  I feel as Hillary Clinton’s popularity is dwindling and some viable opponents to the NWO like Ron or Rand Paul gain popularity as viable candidates for Presidency  the NWO Clinton/Bush/Obama puppets are losing their stranglehold on the USA.  Floating the idea of a third term out to the minds of people is like a test to see how people react as well as a foreshadowing of their NWO wet dream of tyranny.  They also put a predictive programming seed into the minds of Americans if their psyop take over of Texas is successful or not successful in their sick, demonic agenda.  They are obviously preparing for a gun confiscation and have the re-education camps and everything coming to us.