INSANE NEWS!! Government plans (FEMA) CAMPS for Dissenters


The news is more insane daily as our psychic warnings are quickly being fulfilled!

Remember our warnings about WWII type camps for government dissenters?  They will target anyone they think is a threat to their tyranny and take them to re-education camps.  They will follow Hitler’s playbook acting like this is to ‘help’ people become more politically correct.  Hillary Clinton has insulted our intelligence by trying to brand and sell these camps as ‘fun camps.’  I think she has lost her marbles complete in believing that we would go to these camps as if we can’t wait and will have fun!! The government is not here to help us in this case.  They don’t care if we are relaxed and having fun!! WTF.

Watch the witch Hillary trying to sell ‘fun camps’, no doubt targeting gun owners, veterans, Oath keepers, the liberty movement, Christians and any sort of government dissenter HERE.  I bet the fun camps include fun microchips, fun vaccines and fun torture and fun executions.  Fun Gulags coming to a town near you!!! Roach motel fun camps where you check in anytime you like and never leave fun hotel California.  Fun control of everything about our lives.  Sounds like a blast! Fun slavery.  Fun genocide.  Clinton is so fun, loving and awesome to help prepare this future for us.  Hunger games life will be very fun!  I was reading about WWII Japanese camps for Americans and the first thing I thought was ‘how fun!!’

DUHHH Satan always appears good looking and tempting with lots of promises of good things.  Just like Satan, Hillary is not going to present FEMA torture and death Gulags for government dissenters.  No, she instead will sell this agenda just as she is, as fun, loving and awesome!!!

DISTURBING.  At what point does Hillary get put on trial?

The above photo is a Japanese WWII camp in America.  Let us remember the past and learn from the tragic events and not repeat them!!