Skinny is Out; Full Figures Will Increase in Popularity


Before the Twiggy revolution in the 1960’s skinny was considered sick and unhealthy while curves were considered appealing. In the past, in many countries well fed meant rich and healthy while thin meant starving and poor.

The Marilyn Monroe body standard is about to re-revolutionize fashion and media.  I’m not promoting an unhealthy skinny or overweight body figure.  I’m predicting that people have had enough of unhealthy, impossibly skinny body images and people are waking up to the idea that healthy figures are appealing and sexy.  Also, people in the USA are massively overweight and unhealthy due to toxins in food, water, drinks, medicines and the environment.  People are protesting unhealthy GMO food in the schools and fast food which target children and the poor.


There will be more singers/artists like Megan Trainor.  There will be more dolls and propaganda with curvy figures.  There will be more actresses and models who are curvy and the skinny anorexic ones will not be glorified for the sickly images they project as beautiful.


I think women have had enough of the Twiggy standard for beauty and differences will be more celebrated in the near future.



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