Remembering Hitler; Warning USA Tyrant takeover/ Bombing of White House

If you study Hitler and the schemes of his regime to usher in genocide, tyranny, etc. then you see a clear playbook that Tyrants/NWO will follow.  Recall that Hitler set fire to political buildings in order to stay in place as the tyrant through the declaration of martial law.


The control of education and teaching of history has been taken over by the NWO in order to dumb everyone down.  They have written about convincing people that 2+2=5 means you can convince them of anything and are actually exploiting our children now under Common Core.

Through predictive programming they have already promoted a series of movies regarding the bombing of the White House/ terrorism.  Isis, a NWO created terror threat, has recently vowed to bomb the White House.  Whatever they blame it on if it happens it is a false flag.  The NWO is responsible for such a terror attack.  The liberty movement is most certainly not responsible for such a terrible deed.  Even simply Russia or North Korea are not behind such a deed; it is the NWO.  The NWO reaction will be complete tyranny and martial law which will make Hitler look gentle and sweet.  However, the good news is that this evil plan is destined to fail.  A civil war will instead break out as they begin their Hitler quality plot to restore the republic.  The states will secede and have already begun such a reaction.

We have indeed learned from history.


Calling all whistleblowers to expose any plans to set bombs off in NYC or Washington.  Don’t do it.  This plan is wrong and will backfire.  We do not want the violence or civil war.  Expose, stop and punish the NWO terror threats on the USA. Oath keepers and human rights advocates will save us, ultimately.  Also, warning to Obama.  Even though I am certainly not a fan I believe the NWO will let him go down in fire due to his lack of popularity if necessary to create order from chaos.  If the NWO were to bomb the government and certain national pride sites in order to take over it will be a last ditch effort to gain control before the singularity.  It is never to late to switch sides from the NWO to the side of the good in this great battle.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Hitler; Warning USA Tyrant takeover/ Bombing of White House

  1. This feels right on. At this point, there are still so many who are in denial, the fact that such an evil repetition of history can be happening again, is actually unbelievable, but Americans have begun to face the reality that Obama and the entire liberal agenda planned years ago has always been to reduce this nation to communism.

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