Media Instigation of Race Wars/Police Hatred to Steal Freedom


I never watch television but was recently visiting my parents and they were watching some popular show called “Scandal.”  I was completely disgusted at the, unfortunately typical, villainization of the police.  Just as we have warned the NWO puppet media (news, television and movies) are trying to constantly stir race wars, race division and hatred of the police.  They aim to divide and conquer us.  They want to eliminate the Oath Keepers, free speech and will use political correctness (just as Hitler did) and race violence to create their order out of chaos.  They have created and wound up the tension of the New Black Panther movement as well as the KKK.  They send psyop instigators to  these groups to provoke race violence.  Their hate speech is not ‘free speech’ as they chant illegal death threats and the NWO wants to use this to create the need for censorship/the end of free speech.  In this complicated multifaceted carefully executed plan they will use this synthetic hatred and violence they created in order to also disarm the public under the guise of protecting them.  Watch out, this is a dangerous game aimed at doing whatever is necessary to eliminate human rights for free speech and weapons.  We see your NWO game and are not fooled.  You may not blame the liberty movement, Oath Keepers, Veterans, human rights activists for the HATRED YOU CREATED AND PROMULGATED simply in order to steal freedom and rights.  Americans demand our rights and freedoms and peace.  We do not want your NWO hatred games which end in murder, genocide, violence, innocent suffering and the loss of human rights and freedoms.  We see you and will keep waking people up against your vile tricks.  SEE HERE.

One thought on “Media Instigation of Race Wars/Police Hatred to Steal Freedom

  1. Great post. I just thought I should add that the Black Panthers are working to undermine the New World Order agenda. They aren’t part of the elite’s solution for further control, they are now imbedded in the liberty and patriot movement to rebel and overthrow the government as we speak. Please don’t throw them into the same category as the KKK. The Panthers are allies to our cause, not our enemies. 😉

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