Global Warming is a LIE; Updated Prediction


I just wanted to update my radically unpopular prediction from a few years ago that we are about to witness an awakening against the scam of Global Warming that is simply created by the NWO to create and enforce taxes, regulations and suppress freedom.  I have seen more scientists speaking against the lies of global warming, more scientists being persecuted by the NWO for standing up against this global warming lie and a shift in their terminology into ‘climate change’ and ‘conspiracy.’ Humans have not created global warming and the sun is responsible for the trends and changes in temperature.  Further, paying Bill Gates taxes will not save us from the doom of our environment.  Bill Gates funds climate manipulation, chemtrails and weather weapons.  The ‘conspiracy’ is ‘global warming’ and is all about fear mongering, lies, taxes and stealing freedom.  Government bots run around websites like this making comments against people exposing the NWO lies.  However, this lie has been cracked wide open and no one is drinking the koolaid anymore.  Yet, the NWO will become even more radical and creepy in their use of their Global Warming lies which they have invested billions of dollars into believing it a clever plan to achieve certain NWO goals.  BUSTED.  WRONG.  People are not as dumb as they believed.


4 thoughts on “Global Warming is a LIE; Updated Prediction

  1. I said that along time ago and I got slammed for it.its am gores sceam to charge a carbon tax so his people will be able to pollute, and he will get richer. That’s why I don’t post anymore. No one listens to me..

  2. Let me set a few things in order.

    1) Global warming is legitimate science. The issue arises from the fact that it is a naturally occurring force in the universe and we are not “causing” it to happen. We may be speeding up the process, but we aren’t in way creating excess climate change. We should engage in actions that serve to reduce carbon emissions, protect our food/water supplies and use less oil/gas, but by no means are we the solely responsible force that is causing this phenomenon to occur in our solar system. It has happened before leading up to the Ice Age and it was going to happen again whether we were here on this planet or not. All of the fears stem from survival of the human race, not out of concern for the environment in any stretch of the imagination.

    2) The main issue I have with the media talking about global warming is how it is being used as an excuse to destroy civil liberties and deny life to millions worldwide. I totally agree with any policy to protect Mother Earth’s vital resources, sustainability and viability for human life. I in no way support policies that serve to inflict genocide, impede the expansion of human settlements and congregate civilians into cities to cause animal like penning that serves to remove their humanity and inflict servitude on them by brute force. That is where I agree with your assertions from where we may disagree. The protection of the environment should not come with the destruction of freedom and democracy in the process.

    I hope that we can focus on the things that humans are doing that are bad. We should not allow the elite’s advantageous use of global warming to inflict the destruction of liberty to blind us from where humanity needs to change to respect all forms of life living on this planet today. Hope this insight was helpful.

  3. I still cannot believe that people are still falling for this climate change crap!. Yes the climate is changing as it did in the last ice age, and as it is doing now in this current ice age cycle as liam said, but in no way is it caused by mankind polluting the atmosphere. As i said in a post on the old site carbon dioxide cannot remain in the atmosphere as it is too dense and heavy to sustain itself and falls right back into the earth. AS for methane gas ect, well should i remind everyone about the dinosaurs farts?. To refresh everyone memories, One dinosaur’s fart produced exactly the same amount of methane gasses, that 100 cars running for one week 24/7 does, so do they blame the dinosaurs for emitting green house gasses? no they don’t. It;s all mans fault. bla bla bla. Look the bottom line is, yes the climate is changing, but it is a normal natural event that happens during every ice age cycle that we have had since the creation of the earth, nothing more nothing less, simple. The only thing that makes it look like its; getting faster is HAARRP that;s giving it a helping hand by creating more frequent storms, earthquakes ect ect. The carbon tax that my country used to pay is going into a “climate fund” for the elite,so they have more money, too create more propaganda, to fund HAARRP, to create more storms and earthquakes ect, so ppl that can;t afford insurance loose their homes which makes them dependent on the government, which in turn the government has more control over the masses by making ppl work for free, in return for unemployment benefits and they become slaves end of story..

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