Excited to See the Decline of Hillary Clinton


I just want to express my excitement over the recent decline in popularity of the Wicked Witch Hillary Clinton.  As I predicted they were poised to try to sell her into the presidency simply because she supposedly has a vagina or supposedly loves vaginas.  I just want to thumb my nose at this corrupt and sick individual and the NWO plot to place her into office.  Thanks to whistleblowers she will continue to be exposed.  If there is justice she will go on trial and be officially condemned.  I doubt this will happen but the fingers of justice are crossed, hopeful that these NWO stooges will be tried for their crimes against humanity.  Hillary started her career as a child abuse/child rapist defender and persisted in a corrupt series of actions which are now coming to light.  Yay.  Whoop.  I look fw to seeing more negative headlines regarding Hillary.


One thought on “Excited to See the Decline of Hillary Clinton

  1. I’m still of the belief that 2016 will be a Rand Paul/Elizabeth Warren matchup. I’ve been of this belief since at least 2011 and I still stand by it to this day. Jeb and Hillary have too much dirt and they are on their way out. Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders will be the respective vice presidential nominees for each candidate.

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