Dream about Bionic Humans/DNA splicing/Infant Experiments

I just woke up from a dream which contained some interesting ideas about the possible future for humans.  I was sitting in a chair looking at moving photographs and people were talking.

The first photograph: was this bionic singer above and someone was explaining that this type of celebrity will become more common soon.  The person explaining it said, “they will sell the transition to bionic transhumanity with celebrities like this in all types of arts.  They show the transformation as sexy, they are at first helping the disabled.  What begins as assistance to the disabled ends in volunteer celebs offering their bodies to science and life extension experiments.”

The second photograph: was a bunch of babies in labs and they were mixed with animal and plant DNA so they were not humans by definition.  Some of the experiments were morbid looking, just due to the DNA mixing.  The goal of the experiments didn’t stop at DNA splicing but appeared to be about dismembering the babies and mixing them with bionic components.  The bionic components were ‘grown’ and ‘connected’ and intertwined with the babies.  I think some of them were shells for other people to ‘possess’ as part of life extension.  There was a food product that was new that interacted with the DNA and technology in a certain way that preserved, activated and grew, designed for each specific creation.

The third photograph: was corrupt scientist cult type members growing little sex slaves which were morphed humans and they were being horribly abused.

The fourth photograph: was two images of humans spliced with non-animal components.  One baby was spliced with plants and could eat from photosynthesis.  The other baby was spliced with worm DNA and could regenerate through being cut apart and that is how it multiplied, like worms.

The creepy part of my dream was that it seemed to be exposing both positive and negative possibilities of technology.  Appears that the definition of humanity and morality and sexuality will need philosophical consideration and our orientation toward animals as ‘non humans for the use of humans and exploitation’ need to be addressed ahead of this shift or else scientists will exploit and experiment in unethical ways.  I’m not opposed to this interesting technology but just saying a warning that it must be conducted with a certain respect for life and individual choice.


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