Where is Putin? Leaders will ‘go MIA’ before War

I don’t know where Putin has been hiding or what happened to him.  He went missing once before and was in meditation trying to plot a course of action.  Russia has warned they will use nukes.  I just want to point out that when major world leaders suddenly go MIA perhaps they are going to bunkers getting ready to drop bombs, because, when they do plan to use nukes they will most certainly go into their bunkers ahead of their strikes.  I’d say whenever world leaders go MIA that is a warning sign that should set our fur on edge.


3 thoughts on “Where is Putin? Leaders will ‘go MIA’ before War

  1. Putin has re-emerged.


    I thought it had to with the threat of assassination and his wanting to lay low. I was going to write an update to mention that, but he has since shrugged that off. War is already underway. The question is when does it become a nuclear affair. I would suggest that it would be soon; within a month perhaps. The dark times of God’s purging are coming back. They will claim who they need to and then be done with it. Stay safe until then.

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