Teen Idol Death Article Gives Me the Creeps


This article from the National Enquirer just gave me the creeps. I thought it was important to share with you all. This seems like the elite are ready to prepare their next sacrifice and this article is the tip off to that planned tragedy. Who will it be? Bieber? Selena Gomez? Taylor Swift? I can’t say for sure, but someone in that stratosphere of fame better watch out. They are coming for you….and I still believe for Mariah Carey as well.

3 thoughts on “Teen Idol Death Article Gives Me the Creeps

  1. Dude if you think that’s creapy ,look up the 27 club. Most of them make a deal with satin.it’s usually a 7 year deal. Those of you that don’t believe such things…look up the Bob Dylan 60 minutes interview.Listen to Bob tell it to you ….

    1. I know all of this already, Johnny. I’m referring to how the article is being posted in conjunction with an upcoming ritual sacrifice. That means another one is being planned soon and I’d like assistance in figuring out who it is so we can warn them before it’s too late.

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