A Few More Updates and Predictions for March

Again, I’m not going to be able to write a full blog post, but this should suffice for now.

1) Two more members of congress look like they might be stepping down soon; Aaron Schock and Marco Rubio. That would leave us with seven more to go until things start to get bloody on the streets. This comes as a scandal for Illinois state representative, Justin Moed, forewarns another scandal for a major ranking member of the house by the end of this or the next month. Assassinations are still on the horizon, so keep an eye out for those as well.

2) Speaking of blood on the streets, Ferguson, Missouri has become the boiling point for violence on the streets. Not a day after I posted my first set of updates did two officers face gun fire by a lone wolf (possibly planted by the government as a false flag attack….watch this video and notice the term “grassy Subway” is used…..like the “grassy knoll” in the Kennedy assassination….this is a set up to shut down dissent……can’t hide this kind of stuff forever, Skull + Bones Satanists….I’m onto your games ;)….). Martial law may be declared tonight and that will not go as planned for the elite. They will receive scandalous outrage over the harassment of innocent civilians who work the night shift and more cops will suffer from gun fire; this time of a lethal concoction. The peaceful protestors will flee their efforts because they are scared of police retaliation from last night’s incident. Violent revolutionaries will soon fill their place and the Ferguson police department will have wished that they never set this up for failure of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Deray Mckesson’s and Johnetta Elize’s of the world can only hold back the violent bunch for so long. If you push them out of the way and copogandize dissent out of participation for a peaceful resolution, violent revolution will become the only solution. The murder of innocent, unarmed civilians will stand no longer. I’ll write more about the Department of Justice’s Ferguson report and some other things about the Michael Brown case in more detail at another time.

3) Just a week after I wrote this stock market crash prediction, the numbers began to fall again, but another rally has come in to save the day….for now. We will reach the all time highs of all of the respective charts (the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ) by the end of the month. Once this bubble becomes inflated beyond reasonable means, it will pop and crash by the end of the following month. I hope everyone has sold their stocks by now; if they had any. Time is running out to do so for a profit.

4) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may lose his early election this year repeating a base 7 vector from 1999 of his last defeat. If he doesn’t lose against Isaac Herzog this month, then he will most certainly be ousted by years end; especially if sabotage is suspected at the polls. Either way, the dissent is growing and can’t be clamped down on. No matter how hard monied interests will try (and they will), the people shall not tolerate this injustice any longer. Time is coming for a change around the world.

And some predictions:

1) As we learn more about our universe, with discoveries about Mars, Jupiter and other planets and moons dominating the news, advanced lifeforms from other galaxies shall also begin to creep into mainstream reporting. Expect that Alex Jones (who needs to be careful about his safety next month….and really for the whole entire year) will be the whistle blower and the mainstream press shall reluctantly follow suit. This event, I believe, happens in California and it will be something that the elite cannot cover up very easily. Loads of people will see this extraterrestrial sighting firsthand. The truth about our universe cannot be covered up by the powers that be for very much longer. This comes as Pluto will be brought back into discussion as a “planet” rather than a “dwarf planet” and we come to terms with our need to colonize other planets for humanity’s ultimate survival. Mars shall be manned by colonists by the next decade at the latest.

2) The rainforests and wild life will become major news stories over the next few months. The two key stories to keep an eye out for are the hunting of tigers in India and a campaign to save the rainforests of South America by major celebrities that fails to succeed in the summer or early fall. I’ll go into detail about those two tidbits at another time.

Hopefully, I can write more intricate posts soon. There are a number of things that need to be shared and I need to find the courage and strength to do this duty justice. Keep an eye out for them when they arrive on your screen. Best wishes to you all. For now, this is what I can reasonably share in a sound enough mind. 🙂

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