Warning about the Stock Market


I know that I’ve been meaning to write more about the ongoing civil war and some other issues, but this is something that I’ve urgently needed to write about. It will take my priority as a result of this urgency.

A number of months ago, I wrote about why the stock market hasn’t crashed just yet. I said it’s because the wealthy now own 80% of the stocks and they need dunces to sell their bags to before the markets can collapse. If no one else is holding their dead weight, they will lose billions of their fortunes in the upcoming crash. This is why you will see many news articles encouraging you to fall back into the stock market that they have rigged for their gain right about now. Unfortunately for them, the NASDAQ just hit near the all time record today of 5131.52. The last time this occurred was during the dot com bubble in the year 2000 under the Clinton administration in which it burst shortly thereafter in April.

We’re about to see history repeating itself in a months time. Do not buy anymore stocks and sell what you already have by no later than the end of March (where I suspect it will break the all time record high). You’ll thank me when the 1% lose nearly all of their fortune when the market crashes 50% below its current levels. At this time of weakness, the vulnerability of the elite will see a successful overthrow in the United States occur by the end of this year. 😉

More updates and predictions will come in the next few days. Keep an eye out for them. Best wishes to you all. 😉


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