Question About Isis, Isil, Al-Cia-Da

This “terror network” operating under Isis, Isel, Al-Ciada attacks Muslims who don’t agree with them. They attack Christians. It is a huge persecution, a genocide, a terrible war against Christians and Muslims. However, they don’t attack Jews. Oddly, I don’t understand when Jews and Muslims have had such a struggle why is it that this group doesn’t attack Jews? You never hear of any terror attack of Isis on the Jews. Could it be that the Jews actually fund Isis and have created it? Why else wouldn’t they have a war on Jews? Why don’t they attack or fight with the Syrian or Iraqui Government.

Warning about the Push for “Mandatory Vaccinations”



We have been warning about the negative consequences of (purposefully) contaminated vaccines for quite some time.  Carefully watch the strange push for mandatory vaccines that is happening in multiple states right now.  This is clearly about government control and the media is blowing up this topic and presenting it quite strangely.  This is a frightening issue and can lead to a multiplicity of dour and dire consequences including the spread of many diseases, mutated diseases and mass biological weapon type issues.  I warned of some religious uproar over this from certain groups who believe what they put in their body in terms of medicine is a religious choice.  I think we should pay special attention to all the facets of this, the potential false flags and violence that can arise from this topic as it twists and unfolds.