Update on A few of My KTN Predictions


I made a paranoid sounds series of predictions which is now coming to fruition.  I made these predictions two years ago or more on Know The Next.

I warned that America is turning into Nazi Germany.  People laughed at me for saying this.  I said we will have the return of Japanese style camps and prison camps which are illegal targeting whoever the government doesn’t like, as in people who hold political views contrary to the tyranny of Obama.  I said more people will be on black lists, illegally disappeared and thrown into camps to be tortured.  I said what I see is like the gulags of North Korea.

Some recent events are about to get a lot of world wide exposure which confirm my predictions.  In Chicago, and I believe other places, they are about blow wide open these illegal camp like facilities called ‘black sights.’  Also, the internet has been taken over by the federal government and they are moving in the censorship/Hitler/politically correct end free speech direction.  These events are accelerating and becoming exposed and even more obviously communist tyranny Agenda 21.  I also commented on the attack on bullets and the right to bear arms which will only increase as they want to disarm us ahead of their tyranny, just like Hitler.  I also spoke a lot of succession which was heavily laughed at on the former web site but is coming true now, from the lips of Ron Paul see HERE how he says states are already in secession.  People are being disappeared who supposedly ‘have ebola’ as well and medical tyranny is being used to exploit any target they want to disappear.  Everything is being federalized, which is illegal.  Police be warned, as I have warned for so long, they will target the good oath keepers because they don’t want resistance; this has already begun.

I hope the whistleblowers fight and citizens resist these camps and controls and suppressions of liberty/arms because this is a turning moment.  If they are allowed to openly conduct such tyrannical activities they will create a Nazi America.

I think that as these atrocities come to light states will, in fact, have secession just as we have predicted years ago as well as Ron Paul is saying now.  The feds will try to bust these meetings, disappear leaders in the secession movements.  It is time to call these things what they are unless we really want Obama to become the new Hitler in his full blown horror.  Now, if Hillary  or Jeb manage to make it into the dynasty of tyranny they will likewise be Hitleresque and need to be stopped before they are allowed to seek their power hungry communism tyranny.