Future Invention or Just a Dream?

I dreamed last night I was in a class and they were teaching us how to use this new invention called “manifestation clay.”  They gave us a bowl of what looked kinda like white sand and two liquids.  We mixed the white sand with the first liquid (both were simply clear like water) and it made something like wet clay.  Then we dipped it in the second liquid.  Then we rolled it around of this mat and whatever we thought of the clay turned into.  We were practicing food.  I made fruit but some were making cookies.  We could eat what we made.  It somehow interacted with some sophisticated computer system that was both inside us and in the manifestation clay.  There were scanners, these little machines that would return whatever we made to clay if we wanted to start over with the same clay and undo what we made or change it somehow or upload it so it could go to someone else via computers, like a gift.  They said that this invention changed everything and no one had do go without simple things.  This clay wasn’t expensive as a raw material.  I thought of cumquats, cherries and apples and the clay in my hands mutated into what I was thinking.  I felt them form in my hands.  When I woke jut now this dream reminded me of Genesis 2 where God forms out of clay.  That made me think of Ancient Alien theories.  Who knows if this was a future invention or just a strange dream but it was very vivid and a neat idea and seemingly transformative and helpful technology that blended computers and biology in such a way that the human mind could manifest thoughts and desires into tangible, even edible products.

2 thoughts on “Future Invention or Just a Dream?

  1. This could be one of two things.

    1) It could be a vision that we are approaching an interaction with alien life forms who will present us with this technology. Such an event would make the world a much better place, but this would be an event that occurs after the war. Perhaps the survivors of the conflict have the privilege of using the manifesting clay to make their lives better for themselves and humanity as a whole.

    2) This could be a dream interpreted to mean we will solve a lot of societal errs after the war. The manifesting clay could be us and what we finally get around to doing for one another. When society falls apart, we may be forced to rebuild it from scratch. Such as how God molded society in the bible, we may need to mold our selves metaphysically to be better people; perhaps spurred on by outside force.

    That’s what I get from your post. Hope this insight was helpful. 🙂

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