What Christianity is Really Like

I am a spiritual person and not a religious one. This is because I have actually read the bible and know what’s actually in it. It condones rape, slavery, assault, genocide and other kinds of evil that most Christians have no idea is glorified in “God’s” singular work. This is not the way of the spiritual universe.

If you would like to learn about the absurdity of Christianity (and religion in general), you should check out the work of Youtube performer Deven Green playing the character “Mrs. Betty Bowers: America’s Best Christian TM.” She really lays it out in a way that hilarious, insightful and has the power to change a lot of minds away from stone age thinking. Portraying a parody of the Pat Robertson/Joel Olsteen kind of Christian for profit, she rips apart the absurdities of religion in short series of Youtube videos. Watch the one above and then check out her other work. It will change your viewpoint on the issue at hand forever.

With our world in a state of reversion back to medieval thinking in recent years (something I’ll blog about soon….along with some news on where the civil war stands now and where it’s going), I believe that Mrs. Betty Bowers won’t stay unknown to the masses for much longer. She’s about to become an overnight sensation, so I would suggest you catch up on her previous work now. Soon, you won’t be able to go anywhere in the world without hearing her name brought up in conversation. Enjoy. 😉