Update on Prediction about Animals


I don’t know if anyone recalls the predictions I made on animals like dogs and cats on Knowthenext.  I spoke about discoveries they are more complex and not just so called “brute” animals and have great powers of healing. I noticed an interesting article today which is a fulfillment of studies I think are an indicator of my prediction.  Read HERE about a study out of Yale that dog’s mind’s are more complex than we think.   I think also that humans will mix animal and human DNA and as a part of the next major technological revolution and new age we are entering—we will understand much more about the untapped potential of “brute” animal dna and minds.  I don’t think it is just cats and dogs which we will come to see differently but all the animals that we seem to view, as a race, as a food source as well as wolves and wild animals.

2 thoughts on “Update on Prediction about Animals

  1. I remember this prediction well. I also mentioned that the government is experimenting in turning humans into animals and I suspect Alex Jones or another one of the conspiracy bloggers will be the first to blow the whistle on this later in the year. Animal rights are the next frontier. Prepare for it now and don’t be on the wrong side of history. They aren’t as dumb as many people think.

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