Increasing Government Attack on “Informed Consent”

HitlerKids Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

Some talk shows have been discussing informed consent recently.  This is what I think on this issue.  The government wants more control as it attempts to mutate into a power hungry tyranny which merges into a NWO.  They desire, like every communist organization, to take control of every liberty.  They have focused on informed consent in many areas of medicine and science in an organized attempt to usurp personal liberty, choice, individual control and differing ideas.  They will shift the dialog in the media in many ways with any topics but the focus is to really decay and take away any personal authority over your body, your children’s bodies.  I believe our bodies are our own and we should control what goes into it and as parents we have the God given right to choose what goes into our parents.  I warned that certain religions view what goes into the body as a religious freedom.  I hope that people hear about vaccines, army veterans, medicine, science and food issues and ask this question: “is this actually some justification to simply usurp informed consent?”  They will package their agenda as some sort of protection of the children, or even as encouraging freedom and health.  Beware of the government selling any propaganda as ‘for the children!!’  I do agree it seems the only choice they enjoy us having over our own bodies is if we desire to kill our unborn children.  In fact, how many billions of babies have they actually managed to kill under the eugenic’s model formulated under such lovely people like Margaret Sanger?  They don’t care about your children except to control and usurp liberty.  Consider how effective gun free zones are to ‘protect the children’ when, in fact, all their mass shootings happen in gun free zones!!!  Anyway, my focus here is on this twisting, mutating, fake justification which we shall see with many issues on many fronts but is nothing more than AN INCREASING ATTACK ON INFORMED CONSENT designed to destroy liberty.  Watch the vaccine issue closely and the emotional dialogue regarding children.  Emotional arguments are weak manipulators whereas arguments from facts are much more effective.

One thought on “Increasing Government Attack on “Informed Consent”

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