Crucifixions and Beheadings of Christians/Women/Children by Isis


I was looking at the news and had a picture in my head of more crucifixions of Christians, especially women/children spreading in a wave all over the world, especially Europe by Isis.  The picture in my head was moving and people were pointing toward America, blaming us to links to these terrorists.  Also, there will be more articles of persecution of innocent Muslims in the USA like school shootings/mass shootings at mosques.  Johnny Magick was warning about the safety of Muslims in the USA recently, this should be heeded.   All these people are innocent victims.  I think there is much more at work, evil plans under the surface of these activities which only really harm innocents and their family.  No one should delight in the death of any children but the true evil terrorists target children and enjoy killing sweet babies, toddlers and young people.  They will be judged by their evil deeds by the world who will condemn and not be swayed by this contrived war parading around in religious clothing.  None of these terrorists are authentic in their religion.  Islamic leaders will continue to become more vocal against the ISIS type groups which they have branded as an attack on Islam itself by Shaytan.  They are standing up and uniting against the slaughter of innocent woman and children, in whatever religion they are (Christian, Sunni, Shia).  I’m afraid there might be one stand out incident in the USA that has to do with some sort of Mosque and they will twist it to be about gun control to protect children- this year.  Meanwhile ISIS might very well react against such an action because, in fact, its a false flag and part of a greater agenda to create chaos and bring a certain order.

2 thoughts on “Crucifixions and Beheadings of Christians/Women/Children by Isis

  1. Interesting visions, Fefe. I wanted to add that the gun control myth is already beginning to unravel as we speak. Former New York City mayor and major gun confiscation financier Michael Bloomberg was caught saying that he wants to disarm minorities so that the police can kill them. ( If white Americans team up with non-white at the supreme court level, all gun control laws will be nullified and called unconstitutional by 2016. Yes, a shooting could be used to fuel gun control, but such efforts will only backfire on them.

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