A Brief Note to Keep an Eye On

I apologize for not posting very frequently in recent days. Things have been tumultuous in my neck of the woods and I’m waiting for things to settle down before I begin blogging again. There are a lot of prediction updates that I have to write about (from some recently discovered validation of my accuracy in the Riker’s Island prediction after all to the deaths of Alan Nunnelee and how it plays into the assassination prediction from months earlier), but I need to get this posted as I am inclined to do so urgently.

Before the November election, I wrote a prediction that Mississippi legislator Chris McDaniel would play the ultimate decider in the 2014 midterms. He was forced to drop his candidacy and hand the Republican nomination to Thad Cochran, who won another term against Democratic challenger Travis Childers. That seemed to be the end for McDaniel, but after the recent death of Congressman Alan Nunelee (who I actually predicted would die in my secret predictions file….Fefe has proof of this….and I’ll mention how this is going to play into the civil war another time), the seat is now open for a special election that will soon be announced. As if he returns from the grave, Chris McDaniel is likely to compete for this open seat. The Mississippi Republican party owes him for forcing him to sit out the senate seat and he is likely to get the nomination and inevitably win the election. This man is going to cause an insurrection in the senate and congress that will play a very dangerous role in national insecurity in late March or early April. Revolutionaries will thank him for this, even if he never intended for this to be the case. At a time where compromise is not forthcoming, the pieces that is our fragile world are about to crumble from beneath the shaky foundation that barely holds them up.

Watch what McDaniel’s next move is. The very thin fabric that is our economy and international stability is dangling by a thread. With Homeland Security in a state of collapse (likely to not receive adequate funding by the time March rolls around….even if a continuing resolution does get passed) and other problems I have foreseen continuing to build into a calamity, the darkness will rear its most devastating head in the very near future; possibly in just a couple of weeks time. Get ready for it….if you haven’t already done so by now.

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  1. I didn’t get the details you did, but last year had a compelling sense that an economic fallout, outside attack, loss of power (electricity) for a while, and some kind of plague would hit us this year. The outside attack I saw as multiple Islamic terrorists hitting simultaneously, and also some kind of assault from some of our other enemies. It’s been planned for decades and on multi levels.
    It was a vision that held me still for a while, something I couldn’t shake. It was like it was inevitable given the nature of this administration and the state of the world right now. It made me just take a look, and the more I looked the more it all seemed much more likely than not. As a result my family is making some preparations for how we will survive when this happens. A few more things to get to tide us over. I am not hysterically inclined. Unfortunately, everything I saw happening last year I have observed unfold without exception, much like driving toward a scene I saw in the distance and now that I am getting nearer to it, I am able to identify what I saw from afar, if that makes any sense to you.
    I am anticipating Fall as the time we will begin to see the beginnings of this implosion in this country. It has already begun, but by Fall it will be evident to most. The good news, much of this will serve as a corrective financially, politically, spiritually, and not just here but globally. But not without some real suffering, especially to those who are most dependent on the government, because the first thing to go will be entitlements. Corruption at this point in our government is like deep rot in an oversized tree. It still resembles a living thing, but is just a shell eating away at itself. However, the constitution is still in tact. We know how to do this. The corrective will be a reminder. I am praying that not too many good people have to lose too much. God bless you. Suze

    1. Read this blog post by a fellow writer, Michael Mclellan. He explains why it’s likely to happen this year rather than the next. It has to do with the four blood moons and how they pass by April of 2016. http://newprophecy.weebly.com/nostradamus-and-the-new-prophecy-almanacs-blog-and-media-interactive1/the-four-blood-moons-are-the-four-horsemen-of-the-apocalypse

      Other than that, I agree with much of what you foresaw. It’s going to be a scary year regardless.

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