Supreme Court Change 2015

I had a glimpse today, a real intense sensation of a Supreme Court vacancy this year.  I am not sure if it is due to a resignation due to health, someone passing away, or a scandal.  But one of the nine Justices are going to be leaving the Supreme Court and what’s interesting is the replacement looks to be a transformative figure who actually works to protect the Constitution as what’s called a “strict constructionist.”  As usual, The President will think he is getting a progressive nominee, who will be confirmed by Congress – that will turn out to be pretty fair and down to earth.  This trend is pretty common though, usually a sitting President gets the opposite of what they thought they were getting and this situation will be no different.  To be honest, it feels like great news.  For anyone who can remember, this feels equally as strong as the feeling I had in Jan of 14 regarding an air disaster posted on that other page that no longer exists.

4 thoughts on “Supreme Court Change 2015

  1. The two most likely are either Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Antonin Scalia. Both have targets over their heads as they act as the polar extremes of each end of the respective political parties they represent. Which person this vacancy replaces determines the shift in the court. Anyone else would still enforce this corrupt status quo.

  2. I think you may be right Liam. Now that you mention it, Ginsburg may want to step down due to her health and to ensure President Obama is able to appoint a third Justice rather than risk a possible Republican president choosing her replacement in the event of her passing beyond 2016. Scalia may want to wait it out for the same reason.

  3. What really stands out though is the new Justice looks to be a very healthy figure for the America, rights, and the court for many years to come. Regardless of the issue, he or she will not be a fan of banning things, censorship, trampling the constitution, and yet will leave their opinions at the door and interpret the Constitution as it reads. This individual will be viewed as an Independent wild card by their peers. The other Justices will not be fans but the American people will love this person.

  4. This is beginning to take shape.

    “Ginsburg: ‘I wasn’t 100 percent sober’ at State of the Union”

    I know that this isn’t “lightning confirmation”, nor do I wish anything bad to happen to her to be correct, but changes will be coming. I hope that this doesn’t form into a malicious attack on her, but it is indicative of how ‘mentally tired’ the Justice seems to be at this point and may in fact be on her way out more for her own good.

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