Question About Isis, Isil, Al-Cia-Da

This “terror network” operating under Isis, Isel, Al-Ciada attacks Muslims who don’t agree with them. They attack Christians. It is a huge persecution, a genocide, a terrible war against Christians and Muslims. However, they don’t attack Jews. Oddly, I don’t understand when Jews and Muslims have had such a struggle why is it that this group doesn’t attack Jews? You never hear of any terror attack of Isis on the Jews. Could it be that the Jews actually fund Isis and have created it? Why else wouldn’t they have a war on Jews? Why don’t they attack or fight with the Syrian or Iraqui Government.


5 thoughts on “Question About Isis, Isil, Al-Cia-Da

  1. There are hardly any Jews in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Iran or Syria. You can’t kill what does not exist. And I doubt they will travel into Israel to behead any.

  2. Wasn’t the recent terror attack in France targeted toward the Jewish community? I know the magazine wasn’t Jewish but the grocery store was Jewish, I believe. But that’s the only time I can think of off the top of my head. Have a blessed day!

  3. You post this as a question, but to me it feels way off base, full of suggestion and conspiracy. There have been several attacks by IS on jews in Europe in the past few months alone, maybe Brussels, France rings a bell? How can you ask the question why there has never been a terror attack by IS on jews? The only reason there are no attacks on jews in the area where they operate, is because there are no jews left there. They were all chased out decades ago. Jews have always been a target for muslim extremists and they have suffered from many attacks by them. I suggest you do some more research before posting such inciting questions. They can do a lot of harm if even less informed people like yourself take it seriously.

    • Agreed responding posts here. That is an awful thing to suggest…. for all the reasons that Lala, Jean and Mag posted. I can’t even imagine what would happen if that kind of “conspiracy theory” takes hold. Good God!

  4. No, the jewish community does not fund or support ISIS and 90% of the time, are the victims of these animal like groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. You want to know something else? The CIA doesn’t “run” Al-Qaeda either…

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