Warning about the Push for “Mandatory Vaccinations”



We have been warning about the negative consequences of (purposefully) contaminated vaccines for quite some time.  Carefully watch the strange push for mandatory vaccines that is happening in multiple states right now.  This is clearly about government control and the media is blowing up this topic and presenting it quite strangely.  This is a frightening issue and can lead to a multiplicity of dour and dire consequences including the spread of many diseases, mutated diseases and mass biological weapon type issues.  I warned of some religious uproar over this from certain groups who believe what they put in their body in terms of medicine is a religious choice.  I think we should pay special attention to all the facets of this, the potential false flags and violence that can arise from this topic as it twists and unfolds.

4 thoughts on “Warning about the Push for “Mandatory Vaccinations”

  1. If you don’t want to vaccinate your children, then don’t send them to public schools. Have a separate place for them in drs offices. I almost died with measles… why should your child kill another child? Simple science… I agree… there are too many vaccines… but there should be just a basic group of them.

  2. I think it’s important to have your kids vaccinated for the measles and mumps. However, there is also the concern of the mark of the beast in these vaccines. The forced vaccination comes with the introduction of chemical warfare that will unleash a virus that will kill millions either this year or next. The US will be saved from it, but the European, Asian and African continents are not quite as fortunate. Make your own choice on this matter, but prepared for this issue, as Fefe has said, to become a much bigger issue over the course of the year.

  3. I think there are too many vaccines like the hep one… that is not appropriate for children….. the basic ones… polio etc… There will be an pandemic… soon… the amount of people there are in crowded spaces… it is bound to happen.

  4. Thank God I don’t have any children right now. If I did, I think I’d be digging a hole to live in. The fact is that according to the CDC’s own report, some vaccines do lead to autism. And if we want to throw a little common sense in there, if you see every day for the last 10 years or so class action lawsuits all over the tv and other news sources soliciting for people who have been harmed by new medicines (Yax, Vioxx, mesotheoma [also caused by a virus]) then you should think twice about ingesting new meds and giving them to your kids. Of course in the past, vaccinations were now harmful and did save millions. But we don’t live in those times anymore. Instead we live in the totally insane end of days where at every turn there’s someone or something trying to find a way to exterminate mass populations of people. Think twice before you believe anything. Find natural remedies, then commit them to memory or hide them, as eventually, they will be outlawed.

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