Sheldon Silver’s Not the Only One….Here Are a Few Politicians and Power Players That Should Expect Prosecution This Year

With the recent arrest of New York state assembly speaker Sheldon Silver, the long awaited destruction of corruption on Wall Street and in Albany is upon us. Silver’s arrest by federal prosecutor Preet Bharara is the first, not the last, in a long line of successful convictions we should begin to see this year. Here are some of the highlights to watch out for:

JPMorgan Chase & Co CEO Jamie Dimon testifies before the House Financial Services hearing in Washington
Jamie Dimon: A man who has been struck with throat cancer in recent months, federal prosecution will finally befall him after another stock market collapse in the spring. He will be sentenced to prison and dies behind bars.

Attn. General Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Hearing On Justice Dept Oversight
Eric Holder: While he may be on the way out, his problems are not behind him. A federal investigation is mounted into the corruption of shielding favorable banks to the Obama administration and his impending roadblocks for punishing financial violations by other banks. This is the scandal that does him in, though you will not hear a peep of this from the Republican party leadership. This is because their hands are caught in this particular cookie jar and his downfall comes as theirs does as well for similar reasons.

Sheldon Adelson: He notoriously violates campaign finance laws and his comeuppance is coming. Expect a Wall Street corruption investigation to lead to his indictment and imprisonment by years end.
Mitt Romney: There’s a far more important reason why Romney is not running a third presidential campaign. He is in violation of major campaign finance laws from his last go at it and another run would expose this in the open; derailing his efforts before they even take off. It doesn’t matter, though, because he will be charged and convicted on these allegations anyway. Whether he likes it or not, his comeuppance is also coming.

Mitch McConnell: A very bad man in his 2014 senate campaign is going to go the slammer, but not before he rats out McConnell for some threats made to his running mate, Alison Lundergan Grimes, and some ethics violations as well. He’ll serve a minor prison sentence, but he will be forced to give up his senate majority seat in a few weeks or months time.

John McCain: It’s ironic that two war criminal birds of a feather fly together because this is the charge that will befall the former presidential nominee and current senator this year. His collaboration on an FBI or CIA torture program will permanently ruin his reputation and see a substantial jail sentence stem in its place.

Cuomo, Governor of New York, laughs during a news conference to announce details of newly renovated Madison Square Garden in New York
Andrew Cuomo: The second most corrupt politician today (only behind the man below) is eventually caught up in the Sheldon Silver scandal, along with a few other major power players in Albany, and sentenced to a stern four month prison sentence by years end. This sees Kathy Hochul face a revolt by her own party and a new election is called in 2016. A sad state of affairs for all of New York. Mario Cuomo would have been ashamed. It’s fortunate that he didn’t have to live to see this day arrive.

George W Bush & his administration: Justice can’t be avoided forever. Your daddy can only shield you and your friends for so long. As Jeb’s profile rises, the calls for war criminal trials comes in an international forum. This most certainly derails the Jeb Bush presidential campaign (sorry Janice) and sees retribution come before an international court of law by years end. Justice will finally be served over a decade after the fact.

Preet’s career will be stopped before he can get everyone on his list (the Clinton’s included), but he will have a large hand to play in stopping some of the most corrupt in our system from destroying us all. The revolutionaries will take care of the rest of the problematic bunch, but the first steps towards cleaning out the corruption in the halls of government is beginning to occur this year. Keep an eye on this Silver scandal as it spreads statewide and resonates in an eventual nationwide fashion.

15 thoughts on “Sheldon Silver’s Not the Only One….Here Are a Few Politicians and Power Players That Should Expect Prosecution This Year

    1. No. I see more of a revolution in the UK (I’ve posted about this before). The anonymous/occupy movement is going to ramp up calls to oust David Cameron. He’ll hunker down and they will assassinate him by force. This anarchy could also see the royals temporarily flee and a few of them are murdered from mob attacks. All of the scandal that’s out there is out there for now. The reaction comes this year, not the actual revelation. Hope this helps.

      1. It’s hard to say. What is interesting is that, the year that the stock market crashed in 1929, there were several inquiries into banking fraud in London that precipitated trouble.

        This could be more of a warning for a stock market crash in April or October. I don’t think we’re going to get to the bottom of all of the corruption in the banking industry until after the war. We’re scratching the surface now, but the real revelations won’t happen until the revolution has completed worldwide in a few years time. Hope this helps.

      2. Does David Cameron win the election again and continue his cuts against the poor and vunerable in the UK?. Surely something will give if this continues I take it occupy london rise up big time?. Could we see a repeat of the riots the uk had in 2011 uk in turmoil?

    1. No. I see the president stepping down, but not because of corruption. It’s because things spiral out of control and he’ll be fed up with the assassination attempts on his life.

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