Quick Note About the State of the Union Address


I’d like to think that there was some kind of uplifting change of course seen in tonight’s state of the union address, but that isn’t really the case. As much as the President has tried to reassure the public that “America is strong,” the growing crisis of Islamic fundamentalism, an oncoming economic calamity in Washington from Wall Street and the continuous assassination attempts of political leaders leading to several that will succeed, is going to spell doom for the nation. This isn’t said from a the mind of a cynic, but from a jaded psychic; one who feels that the only way to make a better world is to eliminate the leaders we currently have in power today. Starting fresh is the only way to clean out the poison and inject new life into the world. In a time that is otherwise consumed by gluttony, greed, anarchy and insurrection, such a revolutionary change is an absolute must. The crisis has not passed. In fact, it has only just begun and is going to get worse as the year progresses. Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr. President, but that’s how the real world for works the average Ben and Rebakah’s of America. In times such as this one, it seems you are absolutely clueless to what is front of everyone’s collective fate.