False Psychics – Micro followings – Donations – Science Fiction

False Psychics – Micro followings – Donations – Science Fiction

I am not sure how I am going to phrase some of this – it will change I am sure

I have been reading different psychic blogs across the net and one reoccurring theme is happening is “donations” and “blogging psychics”. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have gone to some of the top psychics around. The one thing I do know that is among really gifted people – they do not have pages and pages and pages of rewriting history. It is not “in depth” bogged down in minuta. It doesn’t go on and on and on and “you can donate over there”. I am seeing more and more of it lately. Psychic bloggers feeding the need of conspiracy theorists, lonely people that are looking for any kind of connection. Their blogs read more like psychic fiction than a reading. Some of them are actually outlining or paraphrasing science fiction.

At first, I thought it was just that they were honing in on the collective consciousness and seeing all the science fiction movies and shows…. but after the last few posts of some of these “psychic bloggers” and the refusal to believe what is in front of them and to admit when they are wrong when current facts are staring them in the face to continue their farce and to grab onto any life line theory that their followers are willing to throw at them. A true psychic will ALWAYS admit when they were wrong. If you see one that refuses to admit they are wrong… those are science fiction writers not psychics.

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  1. To further explain my post, there is a difference between psychic and posting what you think might happen based upon your own theories and then there is the psychic that hones in on what people want to hear next – even if it proven completely wrong – this type of “psychic” will not change their line of prediction until the last second and will keep saying… I must have saw intent or everyone else is wrong and it is a conspiracy – all the while accepting “donations” from a steady micro following. Feeding into what that micro following wants to hear.

    On this board this is a very good balance, people know their impressions and also know what they feel and what they blog are not always hand in hand but a place for them to just get it out and their own interpretations and thoughts.

  2. there HAVE ALWAYS BEEN false psychics. They just have a better way to get OUT THERE than the telephone . The smart person, will know when they are a Mind reader, or full of shit. I have gone to psychics since I was 18yrs old and can tell a Good one from a Phony.
    The Good ones DONT ASK for MONEY.

  3. Also, a lot of phonys usually don’t have a daytime job…so they are Living and existing off the funds they receive from their followers

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