The Difference Between an MK Ultra Patsy and a Possessed Murderer


With the arrival of the civil war and revolution in the United States and worldwide comes the amount of assassinations and attempts that will be predominant in the news over the next several months and years. There will be lots of conspiracy paranoia to explain these actions, but there are legitimate differences that I feel the need to point out in this blog post. There are two types of murderers and each are very different.


The first kind of assassin is an MK Ultra patsy. This is a government trained, brainwashed and promoted spy or citizen who is mentally set up to perform an assassination for the United States government. Such examples of this type of being are Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman and Sirhan Sirhan. President Obama has already been targeted by several of these types of individuals in the past and will continue to be so long as he is the president. At this stage in his life, I would advise the president to resign from office for his own personal safety. One only has to see what happened to the Kennedy brothers and others to know what a government can get away with to get what it ultimately wants. Other targets for these patsies will be well known liberal activists, actors, artists and political figures in the US and also around the world. I have written about some of these figures before, but you can tell who they are by anyone who calls the mainstream media a “communist” in a very aggressive fashion.


The second kind of assassin is a murderer who is possessed by the devil. This is a figure who the government most often catches and has their plans thwarted by the government because it is a random act of violence and not state sanctioned. The recent arrest of the man above for threatening to poison John Boehner is the second of such arrests; the first occurred last year by a man name Brian James Thompson. These are not government operatives, but those who are possessed by spiritual beings from beyond our plane of existence. John Boehner has threatened a very powerful spiritual being who is seeking to exact revenge on him for this slight. This will not be the last time he will face assassination by a possessed being and one of these men that this being possesses shall succeed in assassinating him sometime between April, May and June of this year. The reason the government can’t ultimately stop this is because this spiritual being can latch onto just about any mental ill person living today and have them carry out the act for them. There are millions of mentally ill individuals in this country to varying degrees of economic mobility and personal freedom. All it takes is one for it to go off without a hitch. Boehner could work to rectify his slight of this spiritual being, but that would require stepping down from political office and I don’t think he’s prepared to do such a thing at the current time. As such, he is one of the congressman whose assassination leaves major anarchy in the capitol of the United States.

I hope this clarification helps to sort out this very confusing world we are living in today. Hopefully I’ll have more predictions and posts to share in the very near future.

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  1. Ever go to A County Fair, and saw a Hypnotist do their thing. I have, and the Person who Goes under hypnotism will do ANYTHING, that they are told , WITh a TRIGGER word, and when they wake up, have no knowledge of what they did. explains to me , they are trying this in all killings .Even those who rule us.

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