Phase One of The Civil War is Complete….Onwards to Phase 2

We have finished phase one of the civil war. That phase was of societal breakdown. The ensuing violence, chaos and instability as a result of the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson has seen several more lack of indictments (most notably for Eric Garner’s murderer Daniel Pantaleo), several police assassinations in New York and Florida and protests on a grand scale not seen in the United States for many years. The settling players in the conflict have also been revealed; the ever Satanic Klansman David Duke, the Black Lives Matter protestors Deray Mckerson and Johnetta Eliza and the US government looking to impose a police state against the will of the general public. With more Islamic hysteria boiling in Europe leading to a likely genocide in the near future, hysteria on a worldwide scale is back. Very soon, the battle lines drawn will become a bloody affair.

As phase one passes, phase two is to begin with the assassination of Kansas Senator Pat Roberts and Secretary of State Kris Kobach (with Wall Street supporter Kevin Yager also a potential target) likely by the end of the month; although that could be delayed more than that. Their governor Sam Brownback has created an economic mess in his state that is going to boil over nationally pretty soon. The result of a large scale deficit will be massive layoffs and cuts that result in the first dam break towards untimely economic collapse. The second will be a housing bubble burst in Flordia and New York. The third, and most deadly, are the assassinations. When all three pieces add up together by the end of the month, the violence part of the revolution begins in kind.

A few important news stories to keep an eye out for in relation to the civil war:

1) The Keystone XL Pipeline and how a stand off in Nebraska by land owners and Native American tribes becomes one of the most violent conflicts in this revolutionary war. An invasion by Canadian oil conglomerate TransCanada will bring up the sentiment of the British invading centuries ago. As we know what happens with international alliances invade sovereign nations, the end result is never pretty. Expect this pipeline battle to go on a number of months until Republicans in the house and senate find the votes to veto proof a vote for passage in the spring. After several more bureaucratic battles, the construction tentatively begins in September where it will be met by protests that turn violent soon after. Passage is eventually approved, but the pipeline shall never be built.

2) Police brutality will become a new battlefront in April as the federal government fails to indict George Zimmerman in a federal civil rights lawsuit for his murder of Trayvon Martin. This sees the protests emerge on a grand scale once again and this time it will face a put down by the government. Such put downs won’t stop the movement and, in fact, will only see the next wave of protests follow with armed resistance by The Black Panthers and other religious rights movements. They will play a battle in a way that will scare some, surprise others, but overall, be in the interests of every American; black and white included.

3) Concentration camps (which I have mentioned before) have been hidden from plain sight, but not for much longer. I foresee of group of protestors stumble upon one and broadcast their existence online for all to see. The government will adamantly deny this being the case, but do not believe them for a second. When three white prisons break out in August or September, it will leave the government scrambling to cover up what will end up being the cause that sees other nations invade US soil on a revolutionary front.

4) President Obama has had enough with the bureaucratic games in Washington as everyone else has across the United States. He will issue a number of executive orders to set a radical new agenda for himself; some of those good and others not so much. One of them will accidentally reveal a government secret that hurts the protestors enemies more than they would like it to in the conflict. For this, more rounds of MK Ultra patsy assassinations are set up to fail.

5) Finally, the protestors and revolutionaries need to be extra careful about Russia’s Vladimir Putin or North Korea’s Kim Jong Un meddling in their affairs and trying to take control of the conflict for their personally benefit. Don’t think they aren’t on to such an endeavor. Other self serving politicians in the US and overseas will also try to control the protests, but do not let them. Stay organic and you will lose the shackles that serve to enslave you once more. Freedom is the goal and the prize shall be worth the cries and tries.

4 thoughts on “Phase One of The Civil War is Complete….Onwards to Phase 2

    1. MKULTRA is a project name for a government program designed to experiment in mind control of innocent civilians. The CIA has lackeys in their offices that are programmed and trained to take out targets that they do not particularly like or are threat to their throne. There have already been a few unleashed onto President Obama and have been unleashed to others in the past such as Robert Kennedy. I think it’s important to note (and I’ve been meaning to write an update for this) that there is a different between a government patsy and a Satanically influenced murderer. The people going over the President are government operatives while the man who was recently arrested for attempting to poison John Boehner ( was possessed by other worldly beings or spirits in order to carry out their attack. Hope this clarification helps.

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