Even More 2015 Psychic Predictions

Note: I added a few pictures, changed some words for clarification and added a few details to one prediction. Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year everyone! I have a few more predictions to share and feel these may be the last ones for a while.


1) Courtney Cox will suffer some severe health problems that result in a long term hospitalization. That should occur in March or April.


2) We will learn more about the late Princess Diana in a newly discovered diary that contains hidden secrets that will shock and astonish the world.


3) 80’s singers such as Rick Astley and Kim Wilde make a prominent return this year after an online campaign on the website 4chan pranks the acts by bringing their albums to the top of the charts. This will be done for the “lulz,” but it will end up helping their hurting careers by giving them another chance at being in the spotlight. This momentum will fade off over time.

Megan Fox Red Carpet 640

4) Megan Fox (a former reader of our previous incarnation, Know the Next) is catapulted to the A-list this year.


5) Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan make successful recoveries and return to their professional ambitions after years of struggle and hardship.


6) Several celebrities will face off against rumors that they are gay. Publicists behind the scenes frantically scramble to cover this is, but the internet has a way of blowing the lid off of this scandal. After this evidence is leaked in March, most of the closeted celebrities bust out of the closet against their will. Some will suffer harsh downward spirals, but others will shake it off and be just fine. A current TV actor, a recent, but not current, Hollywood heartthrob, a country music prodigy, a member of a currently successful boy band and a major Hollywood action star, among a few others, are the victims of this campaign.


7) A Hollywood starlet comes to prominence in an indie film this year that will be nominated in time for next years Oscars.

Best wishes to you all. ๐Ÿ™‚